Early Man: Dalek Invasion of Earth 2150 B.C. was the second story in The History Tour series by Tim Quinn and Dicky Howett. The second part covered the day when man first appeared on Earth and a Dalek invasion some years later in 2150 BC.

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  • The Doctor introduces Ralph as Peri's great, great (etcetera) grandfather and tells her he can see the resemblance, especially when she frowns.
  • Terry Nation comes in the USS Tax Exile to patent all the rights to the Daleks before he'll allow them to make their first appearance.
  • Peri believes the creator of the Daleks to be Davros.
  • The Doctor and Peri observe that once the Daleks had their plan to steal the Earth's magnetic core in order many other races such as the Cybermen and Sontarans also came to Earth to steal it.
  • According to the Doctor, the science fiction writers' handbook defines the stealing of the Earth's magnetic core as "the great cop out".
  • The Doctor notes that the aliens were eventually defeated thanks to the formation of the Neolithic Union of Mineworkers.

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