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The Earl of Leicester, also known as the Lord of Leicester or simply Leicester, was an English noble and soldier who served King Richard I.


The Lord of Leicester accompanied King Richard to Jaffa during the Crusades and wished to defeat the Saracens on the battlefield rather than to make peace with them. As a result, he questioned the king's plan to wed Princess Joanna to Saphadin and argued with the First Doctor over the question of peace, culminating in Leicester almost drawing his sword. For this, he was admonished by the king.

Seeking to prevent peace being made, Leicester secretly told Joanna about the match. When Vicki Pallister revealed herself not to be a boy named Victor, the Lord of Leicester admired her beauty and called her a "fair rose of England". However, he attempted to cause trouble by accusing her and the Doctor of being traitors, which was when Vicki realised he had been the one to tell Joanna.

Leicester warned his men of the Doctor and Vicki, saying that she may be a witch. He tracked them down to the woods when they made for the TARDIS and attempted to execute the Doctor before he was stopped by Sir Ian, Knight of Jaffa. Leicester and his soldiers watched the TARDIS dematerialise, believing that Sir Ian had been spirited away by demons, and said that they would never tell a soul what they had seen. (TV: The Crusade)


The Lord of Leicester was a hardened soldier who preferred to settle the conflict with the Saracens through battle and bloodshed, mocking the Doctor and "men of eloquence". He was not above questioning his king nor telling Joanna secrets behind his lord's back. (TV: The Crusade)

Behind the scenes[]

Despite being credited as "Earl of Leicester", he was referred to onscreen by this name only once, more often being called "Lord of Leicester".