Earl Cameron (born 8 August 1917[1]) played Glyn Williams in the Doctor Who television story The Tenth Planet.

He is one of the few actors from Bermuda to appear in Doctor Who. He is also the earliest black actor with a speaking role in Doctor Who whose work survives. According to Toby Hadoke, he is the second black actor in a speaking role in the series' history, but his work is the earliest which is known to survive as of 2017, since The Smugglers guest star Elroy Josephs' contributions are missing.

He claimed to have introduced his agent Terry Carney to William Hartnell's daughter Heather, which led to their marriage and the eventual birth of Jessica Carney, author of Who's There? The Life and Career of William Hartnell. (DCOM: The Tenth Planet)

After Zohra Sehgal and Olaf Pooley, he is the third Doctor Who cast member to reach his 100th Birthday and currently the oldest living actor to appear on Doctor Who.

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