Dyspraxia was a co-ordination disorder. Ryan Sinclair had dyspraxia, and as a result, he struggled to ride a bicycle. (TV: The Woman Who Fell to Earth) He also had trouble with ladders, (TV: The Ghost Monument) accurately throwing basketballs, (TV: Spyfall) and took more time to acclimatise to warehouse tasks than his peers. (TV: Kerblam!) Ryan found his dyspraxia frustrating, and found it made life interesting, but difficult. (TV: Kerblam!)

By age 19, Ryan was able to climb ladders without aid, but this was a challenge, and it took him time. He did not like having to do so under pressure. (TV: The Ghost Monument) After the death of his grandmother Grace, Ryan pushed himself harder, and, with newfound resilience, slowly improved at riding a bike without falling. (TV: The Woman Who Fell to Earth)

While travelling with Team TARDIS, Yasmin Khan was always willing to wait with Ryan as he completed a task, like using a ladder, and the Thirteenth Doctor encouraged him to push through in the face of danger. (TV: The Ghost Monument) Ryan himself was proud of himself for accomplishing physical feats, disability and all, like saving his father from the pull of a supernova. (TV: Resolution)

Reliable remedies for dyspraxia were available by 2025. (PROSE: Artificial Intelligence)

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