In a story told by Uncle Isaac, Cousin Dysgenia was recruited to Faction Paradox by Godfather Kobold.

One Sunday as a young girl, Dysgenia was given a bag of sweets by Godfather Kobold (not that she knew who he was then). When she took communion at Mass, she threw up. Father O'Connell told her that it came up as wafer because God had turned it back, but she was sceptical.

As a teenager, she shaved off half her hair and called herself "Alicia" (a prettier name than her original). She met Godfather Kobold properly while vomiting in a nightclub restroom, and he offered her a place in Faction Paradox. Shortly after moving to the Eleven-Day Empire, Little Sister Alicia was discovered to have dreams which apparently tallied with an important prophecy. She was initiated into secrets like the origin of ninjas and the true meaning of Zen Buddhism, fed some very strange food which often contained swede, given a new name (Cousin Dysgenia), sent to kill her parents, and given a shadow-weapon. Her dreams said it should be a shadow wind-up torch, but that apparently wasn't allowed so she was given a kind of stick with a looped hook on the end instead.

The so-called prophecy about Dysgenia was apparently the result of retroactive action by agents from the future. It stated that she would be the one to discover the Peace. Her training eventually paid off, and she found the Peace scattered in tiny moments throughout time. Godfather Morlock decided that instead of creating their own end to the War in Heaven, it would be more fun to auction it between the Great Houses and the enemy. The two powers send Negotiators Melmoufex and Suroboruo, respectively, as representatives. Symbiotes were used to decide the issue, but the Symbiotes awarded the Peace to neither side: they declared that Cousin Dysgenia should have it. But when she tried to use it, she found that all of her experiences had been manipulated by Godfather Kobold: he was responsible for her dreams, he had recruited her with the entire plan of Peace in mind, and for years he had been feeding her the components of something like a bomb. When he detonated it, the Peace was scattered in tiny pieces throughout time, exactly like she had found it in the first place. (PROSE: A Story of the Peace)

In the City of the Saved, Dysgenia found peace in becoming a "shepherdess" to a group of animalistic humans. (PROSE: A Hundred Words from a Civil War)

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