Dwarf star alloy was a material obtained from white dwarf stars. It was very expensive and very heavy. It was impregnable to any particle or radiation (TV: Day of the Moon) and was the only material that could hold time sensitive species. (TV: Warriors' Gate)

Father of Mine was restrained with a chain made from dwarf star alloy. (TV: The Family of Blood)

In 1969, the United States of America's military constructed a cell of zero-balanced dwarf star alloy in Area 51 to hold the Eleventh Doctor, though its true purpose was to give the Doctor and his friends a safehouse hidden from detection by the Silence. (TV: Day of the Moon)

In 2009, UNIT had experimental diving suits made with dwarf star alloy. They were capable of surviving tens of kilometres under the ocean. (AUDIO: Submission)

In 2156, IMC created a dwarf star alloy derivative. Alex Bannen thought it had potential uses in starpod design. (PROSE: Lucifer Rising)

Rorvik's spaceship was made from dwarf star alloy and required very large engines to achieve flight. (TV: Warriors' Gate)

Silas Cadwell had a gun that fired pieces of dwarf star alloy. (PROSE: Fear of the Dark)

Roz Forrester used dwarf star alloy to crush an N-Form. (PROSE: So Vile a Sin)

Father Kreiner had a glove made of dwarf star alloy. (PROSE: Interference - Book Two)

A Sontaran ship provided with this alloy was captured in an alternative Death Zone on Gallifrey. The Fifth Doctor employed it to seal a dimensional hole. (AUDIO: The Five Companions)

The cabinet that allowed Damasin Hyde access to the threshold between life and death was constructed of dwarf star alloy. (AUDIO: The Darkening Eye)

According to the Master of another universe, the Doctor, as President of the Universe, provided a form of government which was as solid as dwarf star alloy. (AUDIO: The True Saviour of the Universe)

The spade in the Twelfth Doctor's confession dial was made of an amalgam of dwarf star alloy and duralinium, a combination theoretically strong enough to cut azbantium. (PROSE: The Veil)

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