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Dutch (Junk-Yard Demon)

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Dutch was a robot that worked with the scrap-merchants, Flotsam and Jetsam on the Drifter. He regarded himself as a "living sculpture". He had a windmill-powered brain, which meant that his owners had to use the bellows for Dutch's brain to work. (COMIC: Junk-Yard Demon, Junk-Yard Demon II)

When his friends and their newly-acquired friend, the Fourth Doctor, were enjoying some cocoa, they were then held at gunpoint. Dutch, who had remained outside, attempted to blast the Cyberman from behind. Unfortunately, it did not do any damage whatsoever and actually strengthened it. The Cyberman retaliated by firing his wrist mounted weapon at Dutch, which wrecked the robot. Incidentally, this moment enabled the Doctor and Jetsam to escape. Flotsam, however, was still captured and was taken with the Tardis to AS4, which was the location of a crashed and dormant cyber ship that belonged to Cybernaught Zogron. After landing and encountering Jetsam, who was pursued by the Cyberman, Dutch again faced the metal creature and incapacitated it with a paint sprayer containing polymer plastic that incapacitated the Cyberman and coagulated its circuits. (COMIC: Junk-Yard Demon)

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