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The TARDIS has brought the Doctor to an empty building on a barren alien world …


The Doctor’s arrival at a computer-controlled prison on an abandoned planet which has laid silent for centuries does not go undetected. He activates the automatic defence system. Dodging spears, flooding chambers, laser beams, fire and gaseous guards (who are disposed of by a cloud of dust the Doctor generates), the Doctor finds and overloads the cell security.

As the auto-repairs kick in, he ponders who could have been in the empty cell and how he managed to escape. Safely back in the TARDIS, the Doctor leaves. However a warning flashes on a screen that the prisoner and an unknown accomplice have escaped. The instruction is issued to pursue and destroy.


Original print details

  • 1/4 DWBIT 38 (4 pages) TO BE CONTINUED…
  • No reprints to date.


  • Supporting the series of collectable Doctor Who trading cards, the magazine carried a regular four page, individually titled comic strip of the Tenth Doctor’s adventures.
  • The artwork and colours were bold and bright, reflecting the tone of the magazine and, as did Doctor Who Adventures, reflected the appeal to readers younger than those catered to by Doctor Who Magazine.


  • The Battles in Time comic strip sought to reinforce the association of its Doctor with the one seen on screen with ‘props’ from the TV series: blue/brown suit, sonic screwdriver, psychic paper and his intelligent glasses.


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