Dusha and Razum Kinzhal were the two halves of a Magellan. Dusha was the emotional part, and Kinzhal the intellectual. Among their species, it was a crime to have a child. When one Magellan had a daughter, Aphrodite, it was punished by being split. Each half was placed on Earth, but Dusha was sent to the 19th century and Kinzhal to the 51st.

Kinzhal tried to reunite their minds across the time gap. But if this happened, the Earth would be consumed by the process of their returning to their original form as a living star. Eventually, Kinzhal's unrequited love Angel Malenkaya stopped an assassination attempt on him by jumping in the way of the bullet. She agreed to allow Dusha's mind to occupy her dying body. This allowed the two halves of the Magellan to be together, but as individual entities. (PROSE: Emotional Chemistry)

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