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=== ''Destiny of the Doctor'' audio stories ===
=== ''Destiny of the Doctor'' audio stories ===
* ''[[Death's Deal (audio story)|Death's Deal]]'' (as [[Krux]]/[[Erskine]])
* ''[[Death's Deal (audio story)|Death's Deal]]'' (as [[Krux]]/[[Merrit Erskine]])
== External links ==
== External links ==

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Duncan Wisbey (born 1971) is a voice actor for Big Finish Productions. He also recorded a reading of the short story Lepidoptery for Beginners.

Audio roles

Big Finish Doctor Who audio stories

Bernice Summerfield audio stories

Iris Wildthyme audio stories

Jago & Litefoot audio stories

Counter-Measures audio stories

Destiny of the Doctor audio stories

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