Dumb Waiter was the second story in The Second Doctor: Volume Two.

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The Doctor and Victoria attend a civilised garden party. But their genial hostess, Mrs De Winter, is convinced that the garden conceals a secret; something about Carlos the head waiter who never speaks.

The hidden truth can be glimpsed by people less accustomed to the mask of politeness and cake. People like Jamie. And people like Leela, the mysterious “warrior of the Seventeen"...

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  • After the behind-the-scenes interviews, a few seconds of Deborah Watling recording something can be heard. The set was released one month before the first anniversary of her death.

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  • The Fourth Doctor remains behind in his TARDIS when he sends Leela into his past, allowing him to avoid encountering the Second Doctor and his companions. The Fourth Doctor would have a later adventure connected to the Second Doctor, Jamie, and Victoria, where he also avoided encountering his past incarnation and companions. (PROSE: Heart of TARDIS)

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