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Drudges were servants in Houses of the Time Lords on Gallifrey. (PROSE: Lungbarrow) They were neither alive nor mechanical, instead being made of syncretic matter that was bonded to a basic servitor eidolon. (PROSE: Against Nature)

The Drudges used in the House of Lungbarrow appeared to be carved of wood, coated with varnish and had finely carved faces with two tiny polished spheres for eyes. They were androgynous but humanoid in appearance and stood two and a half metres tall.

Drudges were strong enough to lift and carry a fully mature Time Lord in one arm. They had limited flexibility, however. If one was turned over onto its back it would be unable to right itself, much like a turtle.

Drudges could not speak but could make some noises (a creak of outrage, a dry growl of anger like splintering timber), and could also communicate with the house and its furniture in non-verbal ways.

Their duties were to clean and manage the upkeep of the House. They also cooked for the Family and tended the gardens. They answered to the Housekeeper, but responded to verbal commands from any member of the Family (providing the command did not counter a previous command from a higher-ranking member of the Family). (PROSE: Lungbarrow)

During the War in Heaven, drudges were also used as servants away the Homeworld. (PROSE: Against Nature)

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