Herr Drosselmeyr was an inventor, toymaker, and master confectioner who lived in his own pocket of reality. He wore a beige coat and little black glasses. While he had an affinity to sugar, Drosselmeyr had a fatal weakness to salt.

Drosselmeyr's domain was composed of candy. It was mostly populated by beings of Drosselmeyr's own creation: sugar plum fairies, gingerbread soldiers, and various other soldiers that looked like they came from Christmas cards. Drosselmeyr used portals to bring Terry and Angus McTavish to his domain to be his servants.

However, Drosselmeyr required the DNA of one of Iris Wildthyme's people to give his creations true sentience. There were very few of Iris' people left, so Drosselmeyr chose Iris to be his target. He used a portal to transport Iris, Panda, and the Celestial Omnibus into his domain. Iris threw chicken jalfrezi at Drosselmeyr, melting him with its salty contents. With Drosselmeyr dead, control of the domain moved on to Angus McTavish. (PROSE: Another Clockwork Iris)

Behind the scenes Edit

Drosselmeyr shares his name with a character in The Nutcracker who is a magician and toymaker.

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