The Drexxon were a race of large, bear-like creatures, renowned across several galaxies as terrible and fearsome savages. They were considered so dangerous that an allied army, led by Perpetual Pete, went to war with them and sealed them inside a Perpetuity Chamber.

Biology[edit | edit source]

An adult Drexxon was roughly five metres tall, with matted and oily thick brown fur. They had blood-red eyes, huge teeth and large, retractable claws. They worked in packs, although they could work individually.

Drexxon children were much smaller, roughly three feet tall, which implies that they grow very quickly.

Although apparently mindless savages, Drexxon had high intelligence. An example of this was when an infant Drexxon attempted to sabotage the Galactic Fair on Stanalan, using a Neuronic Control System to control Garvo. This attempted was foiled by the Eleventh Doctor. (PROSE: Death Riders)

History[edit | edit source]

"Nearly a thousand years ago," an army, lead by Perpetual Pete, went to war against the Drexxon as they had destroyed "hundreds of planets". These allies managed to defeat the Drexxon and seal them inside a Perpetuity Chamber on the asteroid Stanalan, which could only be opened by the correct musical notes.

Although Perpetual Pete stated that these events took place "Nearly a thousand years ago," he said this at an unknown point in the future, so the time of this war is unknown.

At least two Drexxon escaped being trapped inside the chamber. They kept breeding for a thousand years until an infant Drexxon put a plan into motion to release its brethren from the heart of Stanalan.

This Drexxon found and brainwashed the musically gifted Garvo. With him they became an act on the Galactic Fair; "Garvo and his Marvellous Dancing Drexxon." They waited patiently until the fair came to Stanalan.

On Stanalan, Garvo and The Drexxon sabotaged the "Death Ride" attraction of the fair, made it crash into the side of the Perpetuity Chamber and used Garvo's musical talent to open the Chamber. The Eleventh Doctor foiled this plot by using the local orchestra to re-seal the Perpetuity Chamber. (PROSE: Death Riders)

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