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You may be looking for the titular moon.

Dreamstone Moon was the eleventh novel in the BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures series. It was written by Paul Leonard, released 5 May 1998 and featured the Eighth Doctor and Sam Jones.

However while they both appear throughout this novel, they do so separately. Sam and the Doctor do not meet, though they do see each other at a distance.

Publisher's summary[]

Sam is on her own, but her distance from the Doctor doesn't make for a trouble-free life. Rescued from an out-of-control spaceship, she finds herself on a tiny moon which is the only known source of dreamstone, a mysterious crystalline substance that can preserve your dreams — or give you nightmares.

Pitched into the middle of a conflict between the mining company extracting dreamstone and ecological protesters, Sam thinks it's easy to decide who the good guys are — until people start dying, and the killers seem to be the same species as some of her new friends.

Meanwhile, the Doctor has tracked Sam down, but before he can reach her he's co-opted by the Dreamstone Mining Company and their sinister military advisers. Suddenly, it's war — and the Doctor is forced to fight against what he believes in. He alone suspects that dreamstone isn't what it appears to be. But nobody's listening — and nobody could dream who the real enemy is...


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  • Eighth Doctor
  • Sam Jones
  • Daniel O'Ryan
  • Shelly O'Ryan
  • Nadine O'Ryan
  • Clarissa O'Ryan
  • Daniel O'Ryan's father
  • Daniel O'Ryan's mother
  • Aloisse
  • Captain Isobella Cleomides
  • Isobella Cleomides' husband
  • Isobella Cleomides' sons
  • Dalek Killer
  • Dalek Killer's child
  • Anton La Serre
  • Aril Tiydon
  • Innell
  • General Shaiko
  • Madge
  • Jono
  • Matthew O'Connell
  • Kran
  • Tekeneke
  • Igermonitos
  • Captain Tina Ffrench
  • Murdered Zmm-Zmm
  • Kekkikk-1
  • Kekkikk-2
  • Kekkikk's wife
  • Cirbnekk
  • Male Besiddian
  • Gono
  • Noji
  • Kifo
  • Bello
  • Katyo
  • Becarridicosdix
  • Jess
  • Sono
  • Kyono
  • Yajiculuivsiwen
  • Sergeant Kelly
  • Sergeant Higgins
  • Sergeant Douvlos
  • Tim Carr
  • Hunter
  • Wu
  • Eliot
  • Captain Piu



  • Cetacean is the name of a (music) band.

The Doctor[]

  • The Doctor uses his UNIT pass to bluff his way into the Dreamstone Moon Mining Corporation mining operation.
  • Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart's name comes up in a search in connection to the Doctor and UNIT.

Foods and beverages[]

  • Sam eats Vithiliskan Savoury Fruit on Dreamstone Moon.


  • Sam Jones gets exposed to near vacuum. Her lung gets collapsed twice.
  • Sam mentions having seen a Dalek war zone.

Individuals by profession[]

  • Captain Isabella Cleomides's husband's first wife was a Dalek Killer.





  • According to Jon Blum, Paul Leonard planned to include UNIT and General Adrienne Kramer in this book, but the editor "wanted to get away from Earth".[1]


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