Dreamhome was the only man-made structure on Tiermann's World. It was the home of Ernest, Amanda, and Solin Tiermann and all of their servo-furnishings. Domovoi controlled all of the technology in Dreamhome.

Dreamhome was surrounded by a force field which protected the building from the planet's wildlife and cold climate. A perfectly-maintained lawn stretching several hundred yards surrounded Dreamhome.

The building was created using only materials from Earth.

When a Voracious Craw came to Tiermann's World, its presence began interfering with the technology in Dreamhome. The Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones came to Dreamhome to warn the Tiermanns of the Craw and got caught up in the malfunctions. Domovoi knew that Dreamhome would be abandoned by the Tiermanns to be consumed by the Craw and tried to prevent anyone from leaving the building. While most of Dreamhome was destroyed in a conflict between Domovoi and the Tiermanns, the Doctor scared the Craw off of the planet before it ate Dreamhome. The Doctor took the few survivors of the conflict to Spaceport Antelope Slash Nitelite and left the ruins of Dreamhome uninhabited. (PROSE: Sick Building)

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