Dream a Little Dream for Me was a Brief Encounter short story published in the Doctor Who Yearbook 1993. It was one of the many stories to illustrate real-world Doctor Who stories being written within the universe, as Zoe begins typing The Dominators Episode 1.

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The Second Doctor revives a sleeping Zoe after twenty-five years — and Zoe has had the most peculiar dreams. A new story by Nigel Robinson, the author of the Doctor Who: The New Adventures novel Apocalypse. Illustration by Paul Vyse.

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  • The illustration depicts several creatures Zoe never encountered, including a Silurian, the K1 robot, a Sontaran, and a Sea Devil. Based on that, how she already knows about Sontarans and other memories she wasn't present for, and how the last dream she has is of someone telling her "we've got work to do," it's implied Zoe dreamed of the entire original series run of Doctor Who, up to Survival.
  • This story is set on a space station, which could be the Wheel where Zoe lived since she entered a coma immediately after her first adventure with the Doctor (2102 being twenty-three years after that story takes place, which is in 2079), or because she's being looked after by Dastari, she could be on Space Station Camera.
  • The reference to Jamie becoming a sheep farmer in Yorkshire is a metatextual reference to Frazer Hines' long-running stint on Emmerdale.

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