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Dreadnought is an Eighth Doctor comic story originally printed in Radio Times.

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The Eighth Doctor arrives on a space vessel called the Dreadnought, where he meets Stacy, who is running from the Cybermen. They capture the Doctor and Stacy, who finds out that her fiancé, Bill, has become a Cyberman. The Cybermen tried to force the Doctor into revealing the secrets of time travel, but, as he refused to do so, they threatened to kill Stacy. In order to prevent Stacy's death, the Doctor led the Cybermen into the TARDIS. Once inside the TARDIS, the Doctor tries to make contact with the cyber-converted Bill, who then attacks him. When Stacy makes him remember their relationship, he makes the ultimate sacrifice, killing himself to stop the Cybermen. After this the Doctor and Stacy depart in the TARDIS.

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  • This story featured a new, sleeker version of the Cybermen design, later adapted for the Cybermen that appeared in the webcast Real Time (possibly due to both using artist Lee Sullivan).
  • Dreadnought was the comic debut of the Eighth Doctor. He was the first incarnation since the Fourth Doctor to make his comic debut outside Doctor Who Magazine.
  • The back-up comic Prologue: The Eighth Doctor, also illustrated by Sullivan, showed an encounter with Cybermen of the same design.

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  • The Doctor reverses the polarity of the neutron flow. (TV: The Sea Devils et al)

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