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Drayton Court

The Drayton Court was a hotel in the environs of Perivale. Its ground-floor pub contained one or more fruit machines which were – according to former Perivale resident Ace – "fixed". Next-door was a grocer for whom Len and Harvey worked. (TV: Survival)

Ace sitting dejected despite her winnings, unable to locate her mates. (TV: Survival)

Ace returned to the Drayton Court's pub on a Sunday in 1989, in search of her friends. Her visit was unsuccessful, apart from winning a modest payout from a fruit machine. Meanwhile, the Seventh Doctor shopped for cat food next-door. (TV: Survival)

Ace was sitting despondent at the side-walk table when he emerged and asked her to pay for the cat food, as he was not carrying any currency. (TV: Survival)

Behind the scenes[]

Though the story explicitly places the Doctor and Ace firmly in Perivale, the real life Drayton Court Hotel is actually in nearby Ealing.[1][2] It is not clear whether the Doctor and Ace ventured into the adjoining portion of Ealing, or if the hotel within the DWU was situated in Perivale proper. The interior of the adjacent grocery shop was filmed at a separate location in Perivale.[3]

The Drayton Court is otherwise most famous for having employed future Vietnamese revolutionary leader Hồ Chí Minh as a dishwasher in 1914,[4] seventy-five years before Survival.


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