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Dragons' Wrath was the sixth and final audio story published by Big Finish Productions in the first season of their Bernice Summerfield series. It was the final Big Finish adaptation of a Virgin New Adventures novel until 2012's Love and War.

The story featured a performance by Richard Franklin, better known for his role of Captain Mike Yates of UNIT in televised Doctor Who.

Publisher's summary[]

The warlord Gamaliel from the legendary Knights of Jeneve captured the Gamalian Dragon,­ a jewel-encrusted statuette, after the Battle of Bocaro. It is now sought by Romolo Nusek, apparently Gamaliel's descendant, to prove his right to assume his ancestor's mantle as ruler of the Sector.

When Benny joins a group seeking to find the legendary statuette, she has a secret. No one can possibly find one on Stanturus because she's already carrying it ­left for her by a murdered colleague.

The trouble is, the expedition does find one and, as a result, most of them are mysteriously slaughtered. Benny realises she and historian Nicholas Clyde must discern the traitor in their midst. Could it be Gilder, the obsequious administrator from Benny's own university? Could it be Truby Kamadrich, the famous archaeologist? Or might it be the bizarre librarian Reddick, who never leaves Nusek's vaults, protected by an inhospitable volcano?


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  • Gary Russell wanted to start the first season of Bernice Summerfield with this story, but was persuaded otherwise by Paul Cornell.[1]
  • The story introduces the new theme tune for the Bernice Summerfield audios, featuring lyrics such as "Adventure is my name, Adventure is my game...".
  • This is the last novel adaptation in the the Bernice Summerfield range. All subsequent releases were original stories. Big Finish Productions later returned to novel adaptations in a special Novel Adaptations range, whose inaugural release Love and War was, coincidentally, the adaptation of Paul Cornell's novel originally introducing the character of Bernice Summerfield. This new Novel Adaptations range was also discontinued after only 11 stories because of insufficient sales.
  • This was the first release to feature Paul Vyse's "Professor Bernice Summerfield" logo for the series, which was retained until the end of the sixth season and also retroactively applied to the rereleases of the earlier stories.
  • After earlier double-disc releases, Dragons' Wrath began a long stretch of single-disc releases.
  • After several false starts, the music and sound design were entrusted to Justin Richards's brother Toby Richards.[1] He remained at this post until the end of the second season.
  • This audio story was recorded on 7 September 1999 at Harvey Summers's studio in Hastings.
  • Its release took more than a year due to significant problems with post-production, including music and sound design.[1]

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