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Dragon's Claw was a graphic novel released in 2005. It was published by Panini Publishing Ltd..

Publisher's summary Edit

Collected comic strips from the pages of Doctor Who Monthly.

The time-travelling Doctor is back in his second collection of classic comic strips!

Join the heroic Time Lord in eleven more wild and wacky sci-fi stories:

Dragon's Claw, The Collector, Dreamers of Death, The Life Bringer, War of the Words, Spider-God, The Deal, End of the Line, The Free-Fall Warriors, Junk-yard Demon and The Neutron Knights!

In these fast paced adventures through time and space, our hero must contend with old enemies — the emotionless Cybermen and the warlike Sontarans — as well as an amazing array of new intergalactic foes — including the ancient Gods of Olympus, a cannibal street gang, mythical warriors from another dimension and a race of psychic vampires — with only the loyal companion Sharon, the robot dog K9 and his trusty TARDIS to aid him in the battle to save the Universe!

Featuring artwork from the award-winning DAVE GIBBONS and scripts from 2000ad's STEVE MOORE — plus a bonus strip from MIKE McMAHON — these classic comics have been digitally restored for the twenty-first century and are reprinted for the very first time in their original format!


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Credits Edit

Project Editor and Designer: Clayton Hickman
Artwork scanning and digital cleanup: Peri Godbold
Cover artwork: Dave Gibbons
Colours: Adrian Salmon
Production: Mark Irvine
Managing Editor: Alan O'Keefe
Managing Director: Mike Riddell
Thanks to: James Clarkson, David Darlington, Dave Gibbons, Scott Gray, Rosemarie Harrison, Tom Spilsbury, Richard Starkings

Notes Edit

  • This is the final collection featuring the Fourth Doctor. It contains 162 high quality printed pages and a new cover by Dave Gibbons and was priced at £14.99 (UK).
  • All the comic strip stories featured in this first volume have been cleaned up and are presented as they first appeared in the pages of Doctor Who Monthly, complete with opening and closing captions.