The Draconian-Mim War, was a war fought between the Draconians and the Mim. It occurred in the mid-2600s, and it was caused by Braxiatel's manipulations in the timelines.

Historical overview Edit

At the beginning of the 27th century, the Draconian Empire attempted to take back the asteroid which housed the Braxiatel Collection. They found themselves at war with the Mim, until the Mim were destroyed by Hass. The Draconians, falsely accused for this crime, were blamed by all the galactic community. (PROSENobody's Children)

With Ambassador Kothar's arrival on the Collection, Bev Tarrant had considered sending ambassadors to the Mimsphere to retain neutrality in the Draconian-Mim War. On Braxiatel's advice, she sent Hass and Joseph, as the environmental conditions of the Mimsphere would be hazardous to anyone else on the Collection. (AUDIOThe Judas Gift) Braxiatel's reasons for suggesting this change became apparent when Hass brought the war to an early closure by releasing months worth of stored radiation from his pressure suit, instantly destroying everyone on the Mimsphere. Although he felt guilty for this, he consoled himself with the belief he had done the right thing. (AUDIOFreedom of Information)

Just before Adrian worked up the courage to officially propose to her, Bev was forced to flee the collection when it was occupied by Draconian forces during the Draconian-Mim War and receiving the personal attention of Ambassador Kothar. (AUDIOThe Judas Gift) He was then imprisoned after his reaction to the apparent death of Bev. (AUDIOFreedom of Information)

During the war against the Draconian Empire, Draconian ambassador Kothar revealed that he intended to get the courts to argue that the Mim were non-sentient, thus allowing the Draconians to use a slew of new weapons otherwise prohibited by law. (AUDIOThe Judas Gift)

Following Braxiatel's return to the Collection and the destruction of the Stonehauser Medical Facility in the Draconian-Mim War, Jason Kane began to search for proof of the man's interference with the timeline. (AUDIOFreedom of Information)

Fiona Dickens' clone told Bernice Summerfield that their creator died in the Draconian-Mim War. (AUDIOThe Final Amendment)

The Mim's home planet, the Mimsphere, was destroyed by Hass. After being manipulated into it by Irving Braxiatel, he used the built up radiation stored in his pressure suit to destroy the planet. (AUDIOFreedom of Information)

Braxiatel Protective Mechanoids were a force of robots created by Doggles between this and the Deindum War. (AUDIOResurrecting the Past)

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