Draco was a spaceship captained by Green. It was part of the British Imperial Fleet heading to the Moon in 1878.

When Captain Richard Haliwell and Emily Boyes-Dennison were captured, this ship tried to head to the citadel, but was shot down by a powerful weapon. It was not destroyed, but slightly damaged. Most of the crew was lost due to monster attacks, culminating in a mutiny led by helmsman Henry Stanton as he rebelled against his class restrictions. The Fifth Doctor and Turlough were able to get the ship off the ground, but the Doctor was forced to escape the ship when Stanton threatened them, with the Draco being lost when a Vrall sneaked on board and attempted to take control; with the rest of the crew dead, Stanton opened the airlock and killed the Vrall and himself rather than be forced to serve anyone else, while Turlough was narrowly saved when the Doctor and Kamelion were able to materialize the TARDIS on board the Draco and take him to safety. (PROSE: Imperial Moon)

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