Dr Who cigarettes

The product's packaging

Dr Who and the Daleks sweet cigarettes were 1964 tie-in food products manufactured by Cadet Sweets. Though one of the first perishable goods associated with Doctor Who, memory of the product has persisted, thanks to the fact that its packages contained collectible trading cards that told a story.

Despite the name, it was not a tie-in with the film, Dr. Who and the Daleks, but rather with season 1 of Doctor Who. Also, they were not "sweet cigarettes" in the early 21st century sense of being a cigarette sweetened with flavouring. They were a completely non-tobacco product — a candy cigarette that was entirely consumable but shaped like a cigarette. Moreover, the box that was roughly the same dimensions as a British cigarette pack. It's unclear how the product may have tasted, as one of the package's stated ingredients was "Skaro".

A PDF file containing the complete story with illustrations is included on the DVD release of TV: The Keys of Marinus.

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