Dr Who's Time Tales was a regular feature of early editions of Doctor Who Weekly from issue 30 to 43, excluding issue 38. Each comic featured the Fourth Doctor telling, introducing, and concluding a time tale, in reality a comic strip that was created for other US Marvel Comics titles. Like Tales from the TARDIS, which Time Tales replaced, this was used by editor Dez Skinn as cheap filler material for the magazines.

Original print details[]

Issue Title[1] Pages Original release
30 Man in the Mummy Case! 5 Amazing Fantasy #15
31 Those Who Change 5 Amazing Adult Fantasy #10
32 The Frightened Man! 6 Tales to Astonish #33
33 I Saw the End of the World 5 Strange Tales #73
34 I Dared to Defy Merlin's Black Magic 5 Strange Tales #71
35 Put Another Nickel In!!! 7 Chamber of Darkness #6
36 Always Leave 'Em Laughing! 7 Chamber of Darkness #1
37 Gundar! 5 Tales of Suspense #39
39 A Thousand Years Later... 6 Strange Tales #90
40 I Took a Journey into Fear 5 Journey into Mystery #63
41 Forever is a Long Long Time!! 5 Journey into Mystery #74
42 I Must Enter the Tomb of Tut-Am-Tut 6 Tales of Suspense #35
43 When the Switch is Pulled... 5 Journey Into Mystery #89


  1. Derived from the original Marvel releases.