Dr. Tenth was the thirteenth story in the Dr. Men series. It was written and illustrated by Adam Hargreaves.

Publisher's summary[]

The Tenth Doctor is taking a well-earned holiday - until the Sontarans show up! Can he stop the mighty warriors from invading yet another peaceful planet?


The Tenth Doctor goes to a far-off planet for a holiday. However, his rest is interrupted by the arrival of a Sontaran ship, from which General Staal gets off. Along with the other Sontarans, Staal rounded up the natives, only to be confronted by the Doctor.

Following an exchange of insults, the Doctor and Staal roll down a hill, almost falling into an Ogron's pit. The Doctor saves Staal, who's left confused, since he considers the Doctor to be an enemy (though the Doctor reassures him they're not enemies).

Together, they cross a desert and try to climb a cliff. On both occasions, the Doctor offers to help the Sontaran, who refuses, as they "are enemies". After trying to climb the cliff alone and twisting his ankle, Staal finally accepts the Doctor help and understand that they are not enemies.

Overnight, Staal reveals the Doctor the reason why the Sontarans invaded the planet: because the natives had the "best sausages in the universe". The Doctor explains that he doesn't need to invade a planet in order to enjoy lunch in it, and after climbing the hill, the Doctor and the Sontarans go to lunch. Sadly, the waiter informs them that they're all out of sausages.



  • The Sontarans invaded the far-off planet because they believed their sausages to be the best in "the whole of the universe".



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