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Dr. Men was a series of Mr. Men books focusing on incarnations of the Doctor, published by Puffin Books and written by Adam Hargreaves.

Dr. Men Promotional Art

Promotional art for the series.

The first four books of the series were released on 25 April 2017. Elements promoting the series were also released on the Doctor Who Facebook page.

The second group of books was released on 29 August 2017. Then, Dr. Tenth: Christmas Surprise! was released on 17 October 2017. The third group of books was released on 6 February 2018. Later that year, on 6 November, a new book starring the then-recently debuted Thirteenth Doctor was released.

Releases Edit

Novels Edit

Title Author Featuring Release date
Dr. First Adam Hargreaves First Doctor, Susan, Cybermen 25 April 2017
Dr. Fourth Fourth Doctor, Sarah, Daleks
Dr. Eleventh Eleventh Doctor, River Song, Zygons, Silurians, Weeping Angels
Dr. Twelfth Twelfth Doctor, Missy, Cybermats
Dr. Second Second Doctor, Victoria, Jamie, Great Intelligence, Robot Yeti 29 August 2017
Dr. Seventh Seventh Doctor, Ace, the Master, Cheetah People
Dr. Eighth Eighth Doctor, Silurians, Sea Devils
Dr. Ninth Ninth Doctor, Rose, Jack, Autons
Dr. Tenth: Christmas Surprise! Tenth Doctor, Donna, Santa Claus, Roboform 17 October 2017
Dr. Third Third Doctor, Yates, Liz, Jo, Ice Warriors 6 February 2018
Dr. Fifth Fifth Doctor, Nyssa, Tegan, Adric, the Master
Dr. Sixth Sixth Doctor, Peri, the Rani
Dr. Tenth Tenth Doctor, Staal
Dr. Thirteenth Thirteenth Doctor, Yaz, Ryan, Graham 6 November 2018

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