Down the Rabbit Hole was a Doctor Who comic strip published in Doctor Who The Official Annual 2007.

Summary Edit

The Doctor and Rose visit a world of fairy tales, where everyone's an android...

Plot Edit

The Doctor and Rose arrive in a forest. While exploring, they meet Red Riding Hood and a witch that gives Rose a genetically modified cheeseburger flavoured apple. The Doctor discovers they are in the year 2025, in a theme park styled off fairy tales. While looking around, Rose sees androids based on fairy tale characters malfunctioning and fusing. She reminds the Doctor that it could cause serious damage, and he goes into the wrecked control centre to turn off the androids. Once there, he finds an ex employee functioning the androids not to kill people, but to fight each other, causing an unhappy ending. Just then, Rose comes in. The Doctor shuts off the power and she grabs the teen's gun, tying him to a chair in the process. The duo then go back to the TARDIS.

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References Edit

  • Among the androids in the theme park include Little Red Riding Hood, a witch offering an apple, a dwarf, a blonde girl, red and purple robots with telescopic arms, a wolf, and a woodcutter.
  • The Doctor claims that William Shakespeare misquoted him in saying, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned".

Notes Edit

  • Although Rose attributes the quote "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" to Shakespeare, it was actually originated by William Congreve.

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