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{{real world}}
{{real world}}
'''Doug Sinclair''' was [[sound editor]] for ''Doctor Who'', [[sound supervisor]] for ''Torchwood'' and [[supervising sound editor]] for ''The Sarah Jane Adventures''.
'''Doug Sinclair''' was a [[sound editor]] and [[dialogue editor]] for ''[[Doctor Who]]'', and a [[sound supervisor]], [[supervising sound editor]] and [[sound effects editor]] for ''[[Torchwood (TV series)|Torchwood]]''.
In [[2016 (production)|2016]], Doug Sinclair recorded the [[Big Finish Torchwood series|Big Finish ''Torchwood'']] audio ''[[Made You Look (audio story)|Made You Look]]'', at his own studio, [[Bang Post Production]].
== Credits ==
=== As sound editor ===
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=== As sound effects editor ===
{{pcred|sound effects editor}}
=== As sound supervisor ===
{{pcred|sound supervisor}}
=== As supervising sound editor ===
{{pcred|supervising sound editor}}
=== As dialogue editor ===
{{pcred|dialogue editor}}
=== As music editor and sound designer ===
* ''[[Dreamland (TV story)|Dreamland]]''
== External links ==
== External links ==
{{imdb name|id=1480216}}
* {{imdb name|id=1480216|name=Doug Sinclair}}
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