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Double Trouble was a Fourth Doctor TV Comic story.


The Doctor has been sentenced by the Time Lords because they believe him responsible for misdeeds thoughout space and time, but these were actually committed by a human double sourced by the Vatheks.


The Vatheks have sourced a double of the Doctor from Earth, a human named Stanley, using him for their own ends throughout space. The Time Lords, upon seeing the destruction wrought summon the Doctor, and pass sentence. The Time Lords suggest a death sentence for his monstrous crime, or one million years in the "realms of time" - in suspended animation whereupon his intelligence would have regressed to the most primitive races.

Once the Doctor is apparently sentenced, the Vatheks continue to utilise their double of the Doctor.

Stanley, the Doctor's double, wreaking havoc.

The Doctor inside his TARDIS with a Time Lord.

Upon realising their mistake, the Time Lords are distressed that they have incarcerated the Doctor's body and mind in an irreversible prison. One Time Lord reveals he did not follow through with the sentence and instead merely imprisoned the Doctor in his TARDIS.

Released from his prison, the Time Lords task the Doctor to deal with the Vatheks for daring to outwit the Time Lords. The Doctor finds his double at a Craconian base and disables him.

Travelling onto the Vathek planet, the Doctor discovers a crystal that the Vathek have been using the hypnotise people including his double.

The Doctor grabs and uses the crystal on the Vatheks and places them in suspended animation for two million years.

The Doctor wipes his double's memory.

The Doctor returns Stanley to Earth and uses the crystal on his double, erasing all his recent memories and exploits in time and space. Stanley's wife finds him staring into space, which to her is nothing unusual.



  • The double used by the Vatheks is actually a human from Earth called Stanley.
  • The Doctor uses a hypodermic needle to incapacitate his double.


  • This is the second of five stories where the Doctor Who comic strip is reduced from two pages to one.
  • Apart from as an image on the Vatheks' viewing screen, the real Doctor does not appear at all in the first instalment.
  • Stanley is not referred to by name until the story's last episode where, having been returned to Earth and his memories erased by the Doctor, his wife says to him "Staring into space as usual, Stanley!"