Double Date was a Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor comic story published in 2015.

Summary Edit

The Eleventh Doctor and River Song join Amy Pond and Rory Williams for a double date.

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Amy Pond and Rory William are enjoying a romantic evening. Rory declares how happy he is to have a night with Amy that isn't in the TARDIS or part of some "timey-wimey" adventure. Immediately, the Doctor shows up with River Song at his side. Rory chokes on his wine, while Amy and River scowl at the Doctor for colliding their respective dates. The Doctor suggests they double date, but the only one excited about the arrangement is him. The waiter offers to take River's coat, but she attempts to discreetly explain that she can't give it to him because what she's wearing underneath it isn't appropriate in the presence of her parents. The Doctor teases River about never being appropriately dressed and River says she's never heard him complain. Horrified, Amy and Rory quickly order two more bottles of wine. The Doctor proceeds to ask Rory if he minds if the Doctor calls him "Dad." Rory amends the wine order to three bottles of wine.

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  • Although River's preferred term of endearment is usually spelled "sweetie," it's written as "sweety" in this comic.

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