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Dorian Gray, similar to the character in Oscar Wilde's notorious novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, was immortal, remaining eternally youthful, while his portrait experienced his injuries and ageing instead of him. Dorian himself implied that this was the result of a deal with a malevolent entity called the Collector.

In 1927, Dorian Gray prevented Alexander Korvo from causing an invasion of the Gomagog. He was an old friend of Evan Morgan with whom he went to Cambridge, and attended one of his parties where he watched his friend Pamela St John-Edwards be possessed by the Gomagog. After the incident, he met Sherlock Holmes, who had prevented Korvo's previous plan in 1911. (AUDIO: The Adventure of the Bloomsbury Bomber, The Feast of Magog)

Memories of Dorian were accessed by Bernice Summerfield, Ruth Leonidas and Jack McSpringheel from a portrait they found in Triptic House on Legion.

In one memory, occurring in the late 19th century, he was in a relationship with a man called Spencer Price, who he found interesting. Spencer began being plagued by dreams of Dorian attacking him, influenced by the Collector, who fed off people's emotions and weaknesses. The Collector wanted revenge on Dorian for "double crossing him over a deal". However, Dorian was forced to kill Spencer when he became possessed by the Collector.

In another memory, set around the 22nd or 23rd century, Dorian became interested in a tapestry that changed over time. He wanted it in order to stop people's souls from being absorbed into it. In an attempt to acquire it, he met its owner, Jennifer, who imprisoned him and stole his portrait on behalf of the Collector. After he escaped, Dorian discovered his portrait was missing and that Jennifer had become trapped in the tapestry.

In another memory, during the 27th century, he was an expert on psychosis. He had a long experience on these matters, but wasn't a doctor. He was hired to investigate an asylum, where a mysterious patient, Caitlin, had made Amelia Blythe kill herself. Dorian told Dr Warlalo and Dr Hawke that Caitlin was the imaginary friend of Blythe's. He advised that she be left alone to avoid her killing anyone else, and promptly left himself. However, soon after he left, Dr Warlalo and Dr Hawke were killed by Caitlin, with the assistance of the Collector, who promised to come after Dorian.

Still searching for his portrait after centuries, he anonymously hired Benny, Ruth and Jack to find it. After they succeeded in this task, Dorian arrived to collect it, revealing his true identity. At this point, Benny, Ruth and Jack promptly left, leaving Dorian with his prized portrait. (AUDIO: Shades of Gray)

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Shades of Gray, the Bernice Summerfield story that featured Dorian Gray, served as a pilot for Big Finish's The Confessions of Dorian Gray audio series. However, that series is not considered by Big Finish to be in the Doctor Who universe. In 2015, the character once more crossed over with elements from the DWU in The Worlds of Big Finish, which featured Bernice Summerfield, Iris Wildthyme, Abby, and Zara.

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