Doorway to Hell was a comic story published in Doctor Who Magazine in 2017.


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Original print details

(Publication with page count and closing captions)
  • DWM 508 (12 pages) Next: Falling to Hell
  • DWM 509 (12 pages) Next: Master Plan
  • DWM 510 (12 pages) Next: Death in Hell
  • DWM 511 (12 pages) The End


  • The Master is aware of the unfortunate events the Collins were involved since meeting the Doctor:
  • Through his TARDIS' scanner, the Master watched the Doctor's TARDIS explode over Brixton (COMIC: The Pestilent Heart), but assumes that it was the TARDIS of the Doctor he is familiar with and that the current Doctor is the Fourth rather than the Twelfth.
  • The Doctor is from far in the Master's future, and says his age is four billion. Ohila had previously mentioned the Doctor had spent four and a half billion years inside the confession dial. (TV: Hell Bent) However, the Doctor would later describe his age as 2,000. (TV: Smile, et. al) The most likely explanation is that the Doctor is exaggerating for dramatic effect.
  • The idea of the 'Delgado' Master regenerating here would seem to contradict other sources such as Legacy of the Daleks and The Two Masters, which also apparently depict this version of the Master regenerating. However, since the Master is not explicitly shown in his next incarnation, he may have managed to maintain enough control of his new self to maintain a similar physical appearance to allow for the events of Legacy, and Two Masters includes a scene where the younger, pre-burned Master meeting his future self and the older Master comments that he almost forgot what he looked like before the burns, suggesting that the burned incarnation is not just the disfigured Delgado Master but a new incarnation altogether.
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