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Doom Coalition was an audio series produced by Big Finish Productions beginning in 2015. It starred the Eighth Doctor, played by Paul McGann, and his companions Liv Chenka, played by Nicola Walker, and Helen Sinclair, played by Hattie Morahan.


Doom Coalition 1[]

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# Title Author Featuring Released
1.1 The Eleven Matt Fitton Liv, Seventh Doctor, the Eleven, Padrac 12 October 2015
1.2 The Red Lady John Dorney Liv, Helen, the Red Lady
1.3 The Galileo Trap Marc Platt Liv, Helen, Galileo
1.4 The Satanic Mill Edward Collier Liv, Helen, the Eleven, Padrac, Galileo

Doom Coalition 2[]

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# Title Author Featuring Released
2.1 Beachhead Nicholas Briggs Liv, Helen 3 March 2016
2.2 Scenes From Her Life John Dorney Liv, Helen, Caleera
2.3 The Gift Marc Platt
2.4 The Sonomancer Matt Fitton Liv, Helen, River Song, the Sonomancer, the Eleven

Doom Coalition 3[]

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# Title Author Featuring Released
3.1 Absent Friends John Dorney Liv, Helen 22 September 2016
3.2 The Eighth Piece Matt Fitton Liv, Helen, River Song, the Clocksmith, the Eight
3.3 The Doomsday Chronometer
3.4 The Crucible of Souls John Dorney Liv, Helen, River Song, Padrac, the Nine

Doom Coalition 4[]

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# Title Author Featuring Released
4.1 Ship in a Bottle John Dorney Liv, Helen 7 March 2017
4.2 Songs of Love Matt Fitton Liv, Helen, River Song, Padrac, Caleera, the Eleven
4.3 The Side of the Angels Liv, Helen, Ollistra, the Monk, Weeping Angels, the Eleven
4.4 Stop the Clock John Dorney Liv, Helen, Padrac, Caleera, the Eleven


  • Cover artist Tom Webster posted the textless covers for this anthology on his facebook page.[1]

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