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You may be looking for Doomsday (disambiguation).

Doom's Day was a multi-media series beginning on 20 March 2023, with its first story released on 5 June and final story on 6 October. It was released in celebration of the 60th Anniversary of Doctor Who.

The series starred Sooz Kempner as Doom, a time-travelling assassin on the run from Death itself and seeking the help of the Doctor to escape her fate.


Although predated by an early Amazon listing for the Four From Doom's Day audio anthology, set to be released in August of the same year, which appeared as early as 5 January 2023,[1] the series was first teased online by Doctor Who social media on 19 March 2023[2] via another webcast. The following day, its introductory entry, a live-action webcast entitled Meet Doom - the Universe's Greatest Assassin!, was released[3] alongside a press release on the official Doctor Who website.[4]


Various stories were released by Doctor Who Magazine, Titan Comics, Penguin Random House, Eastside Games, Big Finish, BBC Audio and the official Doctor Who YouTube channel.


Title Part of Setting Author Featuring Publisher Medium Release
Tomorrow. Doom's Day is coming… N/A The Void N/A A clock BBC Webcast 19 March 2023
Meet Doom - the Universe's Greatest Assassin! Planet of Doom Doom 20 March 2023
The universe's greatest assassin has just 24 hours to escape Death and find the Doctor - where will Doom's Day take her next? 4 July 2023
Mission update from Doom! 23 July 2023
15 hours left to find the Doctor, and Doom receives an unexpected communication - from a very good boy! 29 July 2023
A satellite over Earth with the number 5 on it… 13 August 2023
Time is counting down, Death is approaching, and the Doctor has yet to be found! 23 August 2023
The next four hours in Doom's search for the Doctor involve an assassination on Venus, a war on a planet of wolves... and a run-in with Jackie Tyler?? 22 September 2023


Hour Title Part of Setting Author Featuring Publisher Medium Release
0100 Hour One N/A New Venice
Lesser Order of Oberon, grey planet
James Goss Terri, First Doctor, Judoon Vice Admiral BBC Online 5 June 2023
0200 Target Selected Four Hours of Doom's Day Stormcage Containment Facility, 51st century Jacqueline Rayner River Song Doctor Who Magazine Comic 22 June 2023
0300 The Plastic Population Waxworks Museum, New Calamino Sixth Doctor, Autons
0400 High Noon in Hollywood Hollywood, Earth, 1930s Cybermen
0500 The Horn of a Dilemma A fair, Earth, the Renaissance Jo Grant,
0600 A Doctor in the House? Doom's Day #1 New York, Earth, 1883 Jody Houser Missy Titan Comics Comic 5 July 2023
0700 Stormcage Containment Facility, 51st century Missy, Cire, the Master
0800 Doom's Day #2 Canis Major Overdensity Convention Center and Resort, Canis Major Missy 25 July 2023
0900 "Dying, forgotten world" Missy, Twelfth Doctor
1000 AI am the Doctor Lost in Time Cal-Q-L0n
Planet of Doom
Mario A. Mentasti Kamelion, K9 Eastside Games Game 27 July 2023
1100 Extraction Point N/A Svoda, Kraal Vassta MG Harris Kraal, Ninth Doctor, Ecktosca Fel Fotch Heppen-Bar Slitheen, Second Doctor Penguin Random House Novel 10 August 2023
1200 Satellite Five, 200003
1300 Asteroid
1400 Svoda 3, Vassta
1500 Wrong Place at the Right Time Lost in Time Urbsbandi Garner Haines Eastside Games Game 17 August 2023
1600 The Steel Cascade Four From Doom's Day SS Jolly Wanderer, Mediterranean Sea, Earth, 1966 Darren Jones Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright BBC Audio Dramas Audio drama 24 August 2023
1700 The Martian Dilemma Mars, distant past Ice Warriors
1800 An Ood Halloween San Francisco, Earth 1999 Brian the Ood
1900 Dark Space Desolate planet, dying solar system Twelfth Doctor
2000 Dawn of an Everlasting Peace Dying Hours Venus, 3975 Jacqueline Rayner TBA Big Finish Productions Audio drama 21 September 2023
2100 A Date with Destiny London, Earth, 2007 Robert Valentine Jackie Tyler
2200 The Howling Wolves of Xan-Phear Xan-Phear Simon Clark Silent
2300 The Crowd TBA Lizzie Hopley Eighth Doctor, Charlotte Pollard
2400[5] Out of Time N/A New Venice James Goss Terri, First Doctor BBC Online 6 October 2023

Other releases[]

Title Part of Author Featuring Publisher Medium Release
Doom's Minute N/A N/A N/A BBC Web game 24 October 2023
A Doctor in the House? Jody Houser & Roberta Ingranata Missy, Cire, the Master, Twelfth Doctor Titan Comics Graphic novel 26 December 2023

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