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Doom was the self-proclaimed "universe's greatest assassin", a member of the Lesser Order of Oberon. She owned a vortex manipulator.


Early life[]

Doom originated from the 52nd century. (PROSE: Extraction Point [+]MG Harris, Doom's Day series (Penguin Random House, 2023).) She claimed to have been given her name by her mother, instead of choosing it as some kind of assassin nom de guerre. (WC: Meet Doom - the Universe's Greatest Assassin! [+]Doom's Day series (2023).) Doom attended middle school, and was later reminded of her favorite teacher by the digital avatar Professor Yoon. (PROSE: Extraction Point [+]MG Harris, Doom's Day series (Penguin Random House, 2023).) She told Alexyi Tennelo Kadh that she had fallen into becoming an assassin after her music career didn't pan out and she fell into a spot of bother. (PROSE: Extraction Point [+]MG Harris, Doom's Day series (Penguin Random House, 2023).)

Doom eventually joined the Lesser Order of Oberon. She considered herself to be a very good assassin, claiming to be the best on the Lesser Order's books, although Order office worker Terri did not regard her as important. Her victories included overthrowing the Daedalus Conspiracy, sealing the Mandeville Dimension, and saving Princess Agatha from her seven deadly husbands, having had only one shot at each. (PROSE: Hour One [+]James Goss, Doom's Day (BBC, 2023).)

An early mission involved having to spend time with a Cauldron Prince and stop his plans from claiming the throne. A Doom from the future accidentally killed this version of Doom, causing a Gatherer to chase her, but this was later undone by an even later version of Doom with help from the First Doctor. (PROSE: Out of Time [+]James Goss, Doom's Day (BBC, 2023).)

She had been arrested several times on duty, but never stayed too long thanks to her vortex manipulator. Doom had once taken a job at the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain resort on Earth, during which she dispatched her target by accidentally colliding with them and sending them over the edge of the mountain. Doom was able to save herself with her speed-riding wing, then claimed to have pulled off the kill intentionally. On another mission, she'd faced a mutant crocodile whom she had been hired to kill, which triggered a primal fear within her. She'd once taken out a target within a goldmine more than a kilometer down. On other occasion, she had been hired to assassinate a mine owner because he'd laid off his workforce and replaced them with ore suckers.

One of her hits resulted in the genocide of a species of butterfly, as she had been deceived into eradicating them in order for someone to terraform a planet. This resulted in her being reluctant about accepting jobs from government leaders. (PROSE: Extraction Point [+]MG Harris, Doom's Day series (Penguin Random House, 2023).)

Doom and Destiny had a one week induction together. During a mission, they gassed up a gourmet dinner party on Gastronox Four, not realising their client was the main course. (AUDIO: A Date with Destiny [+]Error: Code 2 - no data stored in variables, cache or SMW.)

One of the missions which she needed to complete involved locating and matching at least three identical targets multiple times. These targets may have included Missy, Silents, Ood, Ice Warriors and Cybermen. (GAME: Doom's Minute [+]Doom's Day (BBC, 2023).)

Hunted by Death[]

Unleashing Death[]

Having been assigned to kill a target at Duke Derek Gamma's Masked Ball on New Venice, Doom encountered the First Doctor, who warned her that she was about to make a terrible mistake. Ignoring him, she killed her target (PROSE: Hour One [+]James Goss, Doom's Day (BBC, 2023). which ended up being her past self (PROSE: Out of Time [+]James Goss, Doom's Day (BBC, 2023).) with her staser rifle, and "everything went wrong" - causing what she feared to be Death to be unleashed upon her, which ensured her demise in only twenty-four hours, according to the life-signs reading on her vortex manipulator. Calling Terri at the Lesser Order of Oberon's headquarters, she asked for and obtained a new list of targets, hoping to run into the Doctor along the way so as to ask them how to save her life. Her first selection was a target in the Stormcage Containment Facility, as she knew that inmate River Song had a connection with the Doctor. (PROSE: Hour One [+]James Goss, Doom's Day (BBC, 2023).) Unknown to Doom, the being was actually a Gatherer. (PROSE: Out of Time [+]James Goss, Doom's Day (BBC, 2023).)

As she started running, she sent out a video S.O.S. from a deserted planet, explaining her situation and asking anyone with the means to do so who received the message to contact the Doctor on her behalf. (WC: Meet Doom - the Universe's Greatest Assassin! [+]Doom's Day series (2023).)

Searching for the Doctor[]

After dispatching her target at Stormcage, she sought out River Song, who empathised with her outlook on life and told her where she could find the Doctor - the Waxworks Museum on New Calamino. Thanking her, Doom selected a target at the museum and departed as the second hour of her day ended and Death began to close in once more. (COMIC: Target Selected [+]Error: Code 2 - no data stored in variables, cache or SMW.) Arriving in the museum, she set to work searching for both her target - one Minister Scarling - and the Doctor. She encountered the latter in his sixth incarnation, disguised as a wax model. Working together, the two of them fended off a Nestene attack on the planet, melting Autons with molten plastic before destroying their source by pushing the corrupt minister into it, dispatching him. Doom made her plea to the Doctor, but he revealed that he was not the incarnation with the ability to help her, and that she would need to keep searching. The hour up, Doom set off for another target. (COMIC: The Plastic Population [+]Error: Code 2 - no data stored in variables, cache or SMW.)

In a 1930s Hollywood film studio, Doom found no trace of the Doctor, instead discovering that every actor in the studio had been cyber-converted. Having run out of molten plastic, she fled the Cybermen, and sought her target - actress Polly Church - in hopes of quickly ending the mission. Finding that Polly, too, was now a Cyberman, Doom realised that her father had ordered her killing as a mercy, and obliged, detonating a crate of pyrotechnics in the prop room to destroy the Cybermen before departing. (COMIC: High Noon in Hollywood [+]Error: Code 2 - no data stored in variables, cache or SMW.)

Arriving at a renaissance marketplace, Doom expressed dismay at the difficulty of her next target, finding that she had been tasked with killing the idea of the unicorn to prevent them being hunted to extinction. Setting off, she quickly located a market stall selling unicorn hair and horns, and offered a chest of prop gold in exchange for the entire unicorn, claiming to be a great hunter with a desire to add a unicorn to her list of kills. Jo Grant, independently in the process of trying to save the unicorns in the course of her travels with the Third Doctor, attempted to stop her, but she assured Jo that she was working towards the same goal. As the unicorn was presented to her by the stall's huntsman, she used one of her devices to disguise it as an ordinary horse with a fake horn, ending the people's belief in real unicorns. Having put a tracker on the huntsman, Doom said goodbye to Jo, setting off as Death closed in on her again. (COMIC: The Horn of a Dilemma [+]Error: Code 2 - no data stored in variables, cache or SMW.)

Looking at the timer display on her vortex manipulator, Doom noted that, with 19 hours left, she had already faced Autons and Cybermen and met a few Doctors - but still had yet to locate the right one. (WC: Mission update from Doom! [+]Doom's Day release order (2023).)

Doom's next target was at a masked ball in 19th-century New York. Investigating, she encountered Lord and Lady Prettypaw - whom she recognised as notorious thieves, and who were engaged in the process of breaking into a jewellery safe. Deducing that they had come for the Perpetual Topaz, a weapon of mass destruction which had been concealed on the primitive Earth, Doom utilised her mask as a throwing weapon to kill the Lord, before eliminating his sister with her staser rifle. Before leaving, she briefly encountered Missy, also in attendance at the party and attempting to play the role of "Doctor Who". Despite her claims, Doom immediately recognised that she was not the Doctor and told her as much, before departing for her next target - once again, located in the Stormcage Containment Facility.

Meeting with administrator Cire, Doom informed him that Stormcage was in danger thanks to her next target - an unknown party who had infiltrated the prison's staff with plans to hire out its worst prisoners to interested parties. She set off to find the person in question, only to find that Missy - irked by her remarks, and looking for the topaz - had followed her, intending to prove that she was in fact the Doctor. Doom, still failing to buy into her act, asked for identification, which Missy could not provide - causing Cire to grow suspicious of her as well and prompting him to call security. With the guards distracted, Doom began to search for her target, still trailed by Missy, and hacked into the cell of a prisoner, lowering the bars. Although this was not her target, her arrival caused the prisoner to inadvertently reveal the target's name. Doom thanked the prisoner, then proceeded to cut him in half with the re-activated cell bars, noting that he too was on her list. Encountering the correct target, unpaid intern Jaxxo, she killed him with her staser. She ran into Missy again, and refused to tell her what she had done with the topaz before departing for her next location.

At the 34th Annual Old Earth Convention at the Canis Major Overdensity Convention Center and Resort, at which she hoped the Doctor might be in attendance, Doom noted her love for convention shopping, planning to buy some rebar despite her strict schedule. Having done so, she soon encountered Missy for a third time. Initially mocking Missy's desire to prove herself as the Doctor, she eventually proposed a partnership - reasoning that, if Missy really was the Doctor, she should have no problem navigating a convention dedicated to their favorite planet. The two worked together to dispatch Doom's next target- an extremist with the Church of Omitted Yesteryear who sought to destroy all books originating from the old Earth - a feat which involved Missy knocking her out with an anatomical encyclopedia before Doom strangled her with string. Still refusing to reveal the location of the topaz, Doom went in search of her next mission.

On a dying world, Doom was tasked with killing a man who, as the last living member of his species, intended to kickstart a universal genocide using the topaz to ensure that his people would be remembered. Sharing tea with the man, Doom covertly poisoned his beverage - then, feeling that Missy's desire to convince her that she was the Doctor had begun to interfere with her mission, waited for the Time Lady to arrive before posing her a challenge - finding a way to avert the genocide and save the memory of the man's species in a non-violent manner, thereby proving herself to be the Doctor. Unable to do so, Missy gave up, just as the man died of the poison which Doom had given him. Although Missy claimed that she was, if not the Doctor, still a better upgrade, Doom told her that she needed the actual Doctor - then informed Missy that she hadn't poisoned her tea, as Missy was not yet a target. Having already incinerated the topaz and the man's weapons and replaced them with a hologram generated by one of her devices, Doom left the planet. (COMIC: A Doctor in the House? [+]Jody Houser, Doom's Day (Titan Publishing Group, 2023).)

Noting that she now had 15 hours left to find the Doctor, Doom expressed confusion when the timer display on her vortex manipulator was suddenly replaced with a holographic image of a robot dog. (WC: 15 hours left to find the Doctor, and Doom receives an unexpected communication - from a very good boy! [+]Doom's Day release order (2023).) Responding to K9 Mark IV's distress call asking for someone to nonviolently dispatch the Scarlet Scavengers attacking the robotic haven of Cal-Q-LOn for scrap parts, she agreed to assist in exchange for information about the Doctor. Doom dispatched the pirates, then arrived at the space station and introduced herself to K9 and the Thirteenth Doctor - but became suspicious of the latter after a few slips of the tongue suggested that she was a robot. Accusing them of this, she found that she had been correct when the "Doctor" revealed themself to in fact be Kamelion disguised as the Thirteenth Doctor, having taken that form to help fend off the pirates - although she was surprised to find that he was a shapeshifter, as she had expected a straightforward android duplicate. After a brief conversation about Kamelion's past, the pirates attacked again, but Doom revealed that she had arranged for a freighter of faulty parts, painted red, to be delivered to the Scarlet Scavengers - causing their ships to fail and forcing them to halt their attack. K9 promised to inform the Doctor of Doom's quest the next time they met, and Doom returned to the Time Vortex in search of another mission. She lamented her lack of success thus far, worrying that she would run out of time and suffer the consequences if she didn't find the Doctor soon, before her vortex manipulator located another target and prepared to make the jump. (GAME: "AI am the Doctor" [+]Part of Lost in Time/Events, Mario A. Mentasti, Doctor Who video games
Lost in Time (Eastside Games, 2023).

Her next assignment was designated VM2076, and required her to kill the target Stalgon - a planetary systems engineer from Vassta - on the Svoda ski resort. She had spoken to Mandra, a representative of the client that hired her services. Mandra wanted Doom to make it look like an accident, similarly to a previous hit of hers. This plan failed when Doom was attacked by what turned out to be androids, which slowed her enough for Stalgon to make a getaway. Leaving the ski lift gondola with which she'd decided to trail Stalgon, she saw a giant asteroid heading towards the planet, and realised that she had been warned of an extinction-level event taking place during this mission in an email which she'd overlooked. She met up with Mandra again, who began attacking her, and who, when hit with a staser, also turned out to be an android. She fought more androids to get to Stalgon, witnessing the destruction of the asteroid as she did so, before eventually catching up with him and shooting both Stalgon and the console that housed his conversation partner, a Kraal. Looking for something to eat before researching her next hit, she bumped into the Ninth Doctor, who revealed that the entire resort was a Kraal simulation. He vaguely recalled their meeting on New Venice but cryptically mentioned that his other incarnation would not have wanted him to get involved, also implying that it was not the only time the two would meet at Duke Gamma's ball. Before she could get any more answers, she was whisked to her next hit on Satellite Five in the year 200,003. (PROSE: Extraction Point [+]MG Harris, Doom's Day series (Penguin Random House, 2023).) Landing atop it, she remarked on the fact that her vortex manipulator's timer was now displaying an image of the number '5'. (WC: A satellite over Earth with the number 5 on it… [+]Doom's Day release order (2023).)

Her search for her next target, an ethereal, led to her encounter with producer Andre Kulekvo, who offered her a chance to eliminate her ghostly target on his show Ghost v Whatever. She was able to lure the target, Alexyi Tannelo Kadh, the ghost version of a ship's systems, into the lift designed to trap and kill Corinthian Inc data-ghosts by imprisoning them in azbantium until their power ran out, but found herself trapped in the lift alongside the ghost as part of the show's entertainment. The two were able to escape, with Doom intending to kill Andre for what he had done. However, the duo found that he had already died, making Doom the prime suspect. Alexyi set up a hit for the asteroid that threatened his planet Vassta and offered to power down so that her hit would be a success. She accepted it, got herself healed and left Satellite Five.

Adoring a spacesuit, she appeared within the asteroid and was surprised to find cave paintings, and planned to lay down fission spikes before being attacked by cockroaches. As they climbed her she fought to get them off when the Doctor grabbed her hand and ran. Coming to a halt, she meets Kat, a Vassta native who came with the Doctor and resembled Mandra. Kat attempted to convince the Doctor that they shouldn't destroy the asteroid as it's a nest for an intelligent species of insectoids and destroying it would be genocide but he wasn't convinced. Kat pulled a gun on the Doctor and then Doom demanding information on who hired her before the asteroid began to crack revealing the surface of Vassta. The Doctor told Doom to continue with her plan to destroy the asteroid. He planned to use the TARDIS' tractor beam to pull it whilst Doom continues her plan, fending off cockroaches, before finding out they were robotic. Using its circuits she tracked down a spaceship at the asteroid's core directing the asteroid to Vassta. On her way back she was confronted by Kat alone who revealed herself to be the one behind Doom's previous two hits. Doom deduced Kat to be a Mahd and behind the attempt on Doom's life and the murder of Kulekvo. When the asteroid broke more they became separated and she presumed Kat to be dead. Researching into her last hits she saw they were issued by a company called Slitheen, Slitheen & Slitheen, S.A. The Doctor returned with the TARDIS to rescue her and set the asteroid to crash into the sun. Before picking another hit, the Doctor offered to take her out for coffee.

The Doctor extended her timer by five minutes, took her to a Starbucks and told her to continue pursuing the Slitheen family threat. She accepted two simultaneous hits on the real Vassta but before she left she saw Death once more. She escaped in time, arriving on the Svoda 3 resort and was on the guest list when Draja Fel Fotch Heppen-Bar Slitheen appeared on stage announcing that Abo Chenoute Mahd and Luudmila Kadh, Doom's targets, were dead and that the future of the planet was uncertain. Doom saw why as they were using ore suckers to mine the planet. Doom tracked Chenoute who was recording a video to sew division between the two factions on the planet, wherein she shot them and revealed to be Ecktosca Fel Fotch Heppen-Bar Slitheen. She punched out the hit on Chenoute and spoke figuring out that the Slitheen's clients hired them to do all this to mine azbantium. The TARDIS then landed, but surprisingly Android Stalgon and another Doctor stepped out. Doom went off to find Luudmila who was recording her "confession" to cause more divide. She attempted to be diplomatic with the Slitheen but eventually fought her and ran out with Stalgon. They trapped the Slitheen before Stalgon revealed himself to be an android who wanted revenge. The Doctor saved her and reprogrammed the android to help them. She eventually met the clients who hired her to assassinate the leaders to cause divide on the planet and while wanting them arrested, she decided to help reunite the planet instead. The Doctor showed her what they did to the future of the world and asked her to vouch for him before leaving. She accepted her next hit and departed Vassta. (PROSE: Extraction Point [+]MG Harris, Doom's Day series (Penguin Random House, 2023).)

Doom ended up in Urbsbandi where she found Martin Tyr being dragged away with his head in a sack. Doom rescued him by subduing the guards and disabling the security systems and also got a curry. She took Martin to Caster Square to hide until the guard shift changes and says their contact will meet them at sunrise. Martin appears worried as the town square is exposed and adds that he's also wanted by police for political dissidence. Doom seems to know all of this, having read his articles and claims to be a fan along with The Silent Enigma. He adds that the Supreme Leader wasn't painted in a good light - Doom having read kinder descriptions of Daleks. The Silent Enigma has a warrant out for him and shows concern but Doom says it's all part of the plan. Wanting to know how Doom knows so much about him, she says she saw his biopic, cluing him in that she's from the future. At Martin's request, she reveals that the fight for liberation from the regime is not easy or short but successful. He asks about his family, to which Doom wishes he hadn't asked, indirectly revealing the fate of his spouse and children. She says she can't save them in spite of her time travelling abilities. She adds that they're already dead but he'll see them soon. Martin finds he can't feel anything, revealing that Doom poisoned him so he doesn't feel what happens next to him - that being dead at the hands of the state is what leads to him becoming a martyr for the revolution.

She left and tuned into the radio reporting on the discovery of Martin's body, asking her vortex manipulator where next. She remarked that she loves a cruise and departed off to her next mission. (GAME: "Wrong Place at the Right Time" [+]Part of Lost in Time/Events, Mario A. Mentasti, Doctor Who video games
Lost in Time (Eastside Games, 2023).

The vortex manipulator took Doom to the SS Jolly Wanderer, a cruise ship on the Mediterranean Sea 1966 where she was tasked to eliminate the Red Gorgon and the Steel Cascade. She was dressed up as a waitress and ended up meeting Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright, believing them to be the targets - Cold War spies. Realising they're not she runs into Dasha Petrov, the Red Gorgon and fights with her, resulting in the destruction of her gun. The fight took them to Ian and Barbara's cabin which had a dead Anton Skutnick and an alien super computer in a briefcase. She threw a component of the computer at Petrov which caused the nanoforms to swarm her and turn her into a computer, which also spread out to take over the cabin. Believing Skutnick to be the Steel Cascade she thought she finished her hit and escaped the cabin with Ian and Barbara, but seeing the nanoforms take over the entire ship she realised the plague of nanoforms was her actual target. Noticing they won't touch the seawater, Doom scuttles the ship and escapes onto a lifeboat as the Joly Wanderer sinks. On land, she listened to Ian and Barbara's tales of travelling with the Doctor before picking her next hit on Mars and disappearing. (AUDIO: The Steel Cascade [+]Error: Code 2 - no data stored in variables, cache or SMW.)

Her next hit was "Kelix must die", on the believed to be myth Jadite City of Mars, 11,000 BC. Asking a Jibberon where she could find her, her search took her to a Martian Royal Court in progress, where Kelix was opposed to the idea of having the Martians join the Armageddon Alliance, but her Martian allies Haraal, Sorl, Ezrak and husband Azlaar wanted to stay true to their warrior origins. When all but Kelix and Azlaar leave, Doom pounces on her but is attacked and knocked cold. When she awoke, she found she was hanging from the ceiling and had her vortex manipulator removed - the hour was up and the hit was now eating into the time for her next mission. In an effort to save her life, she deduces that the person who ordered the hit on Kelix was none other than her husband Azlaar, done to ensure Mars joins the alliance. Kelix kills him as a result and allows Doom to go free, with Doom thinking that due to no one ever hearing about the aliance, and with Kelix and her city lost to time, killing her would be impossible as it was a fixed point in time. She leaves, noticing a shadow in the corner of her eye. (AUDIO: The Martian Dilemma [+]Error: Code 2 - no data stored in variables, cache or SMW.)

15 minutes short, Doom appeared in San Francisco, 31 October 1999, with another Lesser Order assassin Brian the Ood, wearing plastic horns, waiting for her. His job is to kill her if she fails this mission as she previously failed to kill Kelix. Her hit this time is to kill the Coloxian Valitch before he is evacuated.. Brian uses his vortex manipulator to trace foreign technology and they go to a Japanese tea garden in Golden Gate Park where they find a gravity pod stripped of its technology and footprints heading away. Having lost her old gun, she steals a new one from a police officer and chases the sound of fear where they find Valitch having killed a man named Todd. She fired her weapon but he dodged and fought off the two assassins before disappearing heading towards a radio station to transmit an evacuation signal. They steal a car and avoid police before finding an engineer being threatened by Valitch. Valitch climbs the tower but Brian cuts the power to it. Realising he can find another, they smash a car into the sub station, but not before jumping out. Brian appears lifeless and Doom is confronted by Valitch. She blinds him using Brian's horns and uses Mr Ball to kill him. Brian awakens, pleased she did her job, and he disappears, with Doom disappearing shortly afterwards to her next target. (AUDIO: An Ood Halloween [+]Darren Jones, Doom's Day (BBC Worldwide, 2023).)

Despite accepting a mission to kill a Dalek collaborator in 2167, her vortex manipulator took her to a desolate planet in a dying solar system. A voice repeated in her vortex manipulator saying "end my suffering". She evades rat sized jellies and wanders into a ship wreck, creating a makeshift blaster. The TARDIS lands behind her and she comes across the Twelfth Doctor adorned in sonic sunglasses. Together they find the corpse of a Geena Harkoo with a data ghost repeating the words on Doom's manipulator. She switches it off but the hit doesn't register as complete. The Doctor deduces this was a trap for time travellers due to the coincidence of the body emitting a signal for so long and both of them arriving at the same time. Doom ends up falling into a trance where she experiences visions of a ceremony, being a captain on a starship in a conflict and having successfully conquered Alpha Centauri, with each vision ending in being thwarted by the Doctor. These were psychic visions by a Time-sayer called Zetta who ordered the hit on the Doctor. Using the sunglasses he changed the words from "end my suffering" to "bring about the end of me". In an attempt to save their life, Zetta offers new visions of Doom being an essential player, as a bodyguard, general of armies and adopted child with rewards of planets and riches. In these possible futures however, she is still stalked by Death so she kills Zetta. The Doctor explains he can't interfere and Doom leaves to go to her next hit. (AUDIO: Dark Space [+]Error: Code 2 - no data stored in variables, cache or SMW.)

Doom wound up on Venus 3975 during the signing of the non-aggression pact of 3975. The details on her target were vague but got access to a building by pretending to work for Channel 403 and befriending Lonnet carrying a man in a wheelchair, getting them in too. She used her holo-suit to pose as one of the Zephon and gets embroiled in a conspiracy with a group. She stuck with Fynix to gain access to the lower parts of the building and then tied her up so she wouldn't cause problems before setting homer darts to detonate her target below. As they exit the lift, Lonnet, posing as a Space Security Service officer, threatens them with a tyre pump to get in. After Doom unwinds the disguise she reveals that Klorin, the old man, is her three year old son. The duo, using Klorin's voice print to pose as his father Ash Renton, have a conversation with Dal Karlton about how her husband was killed and her son aged to death by a weapon. They depart, Terri giving Doom a new target - Lonnet. Together they wind up back down and encounter Compuvac, the original target. Doom tried to get information on the Doctor but was interrupted by Lonnet wanting a cure for her son. She lets on that Dal Karlton, designated protector of Compuvac, wants it destroyed, causing it to melt down. The duo escape, stating that she "killed" Lonnet, but poses as Ash one more time to say goodbye in character to Klorin before departing to her 21st century hit. (AUDIO: Dawn of an Everlasting Peace [+]Error: Code 2 - no data stored in variables, cache or SMW.)

Doom landed on Earth in the year 2007, learning about Jackie Tyler who's wanted dead by the Zaconian Claw due to the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler annoying them. She winded up at Rosalino's where Jackie is on a date with Dennis Latman. Doom posed as a waiter and cured Jackie from being poisoned as it wasn't Dennis but Destiny posing as him. She revealed she was starting up a rival assassination guild and wanted Doom but she refused. This led to a fight breaking out and Doom escaping with Jackie. In order to gain her trust, Doom posed as the Doctor and, after losing Destiny in a car chase, arrived at her flat. Jackie realised she wasn't the Doctor and tried tying her up, but she escaped - revealing all about being an assassin looking for the Doctor. They then make a plan to lure Destiny with Jackie as the bait, causing Destiny to fall in a tub of soapy water but she caught up and a shoot out broke out. Once Destiny took Peggy hostage, Jackie convinced Doom to rescue her, which she succeed by gassing the two, and taking Destiny's gadgets. They wound up in a playground where Jackie wore Destiny's holo-suit posing as Doom, catching Destiny by surprise. The client, Diamante Roxx, lands and says whoever kills Jackie will get his contract. Doom kills Roxx claiming him hiring other people terminated his contract. She then killed Destiny by electrocuting her, accepted a hit on a Silent (AUDIO: A Date with Destiny [+]Error: Code 2 - no data stored in variables, cache or SMW.) called Chu'Lac (AUDIO: The Howling Wolves of Xan-Phear [+]Error: Code 2 - no data stored in variables, cache or SMW.) and left. (AUDIO: A Date with Destiny [+]Error: Code 2 - no data stored in variables, cache or SMW.)

She landed directly in a warzone before getting found by a Xan named Jeppra who assumes she's a mercenary. Doom lugged her away to safety when she was hit by a sonic attack. Doom, Jeppra, Lan-Say and Fetzer are then attacked so they retreat into the deep tunnels in the direction of the target - however several times they find themselves heading away from the pyramid and toward the attacking battle cruiser without knowing why. Another attack led them to the Labyrinth of Skulls wherein they couldn't find an exit. Once again they're attacked and Doom finds herself in a ceremony with the enemy that'd lead to her head being cut off, but she escaped by cloaking herself. Winding up with the Silents, she manages to have her life spared by telling them her target and claiming the Doctor can help her. The Xan allies turn on each other due to the influence of the Silents, causing the two Xan distrust Jeppra. They come across some dangerous spiders and with enemy soldiers on the way, Fettzer stays behind and sacrifices himself so the others can progress to the target. They drive a broken land cruiser but a Silent is influencing them to constantly drive away. Doom gets the wolves to use their noise cancelling howl to silence the Silent and then deduces they want the howl to silence the Doctor from answering the Question. they finally come across Chu'Lac and the two Xan offer to kill him for her. Doom leaves, accepting a hit in Medieval England. (AUDIO: The Howling Wolves of Xan-Phear [+]Error: Code 2 - no data stored in variables, cache or SMW.)

Her mission took her to a feces covered ditch in front of the Canterbury Cathedral. She learns about her hit, the Crowd, comprising of twenty members, who show up at tragic disasters. She used her holo-suit to disguise as a knight and ran into Charley who eventually called for the Doctor, piquing her attention. She noticed Crowd members there and started firing, being warned to stop by a man in knight armour before being stunned cold by Charley. Waking up, she captured a Crowd member alive, breaking a stick she had and taking a visi screen denoting several disasters throughout time and space. She threatened the Crowd member who revealed the Doctor was at the tavern and once she arrived, disguised herself as a worker. Confusing the Doctor for a Crowd, she tried to hypnotise him before seeing it didn't work and learning his real identity. She attempts to kill more of the Crowd before having her blaster neutralised by the Doctor. The Doctor explained to her that the Crowd are attracted to tragedies but as they're running out they are resorting to creating them. She goes out to kill them and finds out they can sense Death coming after her and express interest in her. The trio are drawn to screams and explosions, seeing the tavern on fire, and escape from being buried by rubble before it explodes into purple flame. In the mess, Charley gets taken by the Crowd so the Doctor and Doom work together to find them. They enter the TARDIS and using the Crowd's temporal staffs locate them, the duo forming a deal that the Doctor will help her if she stops killing. They arrive at the Crowd, there being hundreds rather than twenty. Doom activated their staffs, sending them into the tavern as it exploded, causing the Doctor to be furious and cancelling their deal. However he shows remorse and tells Doom that to be saved she needs to accept a hit back in New Venice, and she goes into her final hour. (AUDIO: The Crowd [+]Error: Code 2 - no data stored in variables, cache or SMW.)

Doom finally returned to New Venice, only to find it a burnt out shell of its former glory. She contacted Terri and thought back to how her day started, realising she accidentally killed her past self, causing Death to come after her. Revealing nothing about who ordered the hit, Terri watched when the figure of the First Doctor leaned into the hologram. The Doctor installed a fast return switch to Doom's vortex manipulator and sending her back. Once in the past, she shot the her from the beginning of this day in the arm, causing her aim to miss and setting the curtains on fire, burning the building down. She returned back to the ruined mess and explained it all to the Doctor. The Doctor reveals that the Gatherer unleashed by the anomaly is likely focused on whoever caused it in the first place, revealing Terri was behind it as she wanted to kill the entire Lesser Order of Oberon. The Gatherer took her and Doom and the Doctor parted ways. As the TARDIS left, Doom considered a lifestyle in clearing up messes the Doctor leaves behind. (PROSE: Out of Time [+]James Goss, Doom's Day (BBC, 2023).)

Behind the scenes[]

In non-valid sources[]

At the start of her mission, Doom looked at the holographic timer display on her vortex manipulator, and reflected aloud that she now had only 24 hours to find the Doctor. She then asked the viewer to "join [her] on [her] journey". (WC: The universe's greatest assassin has just 24 hours to escape Death and find the Doctor - where will Doom's Day take her next? [+]Doom's Day release order (2023).)