Don XaPristi was a Drornidian crime lord who was an agent of the Celestis. He looked like "every godfather figure in every gangster movie ever made". XaPristi wore a genetically augmented fur wrap with snapping teeth on both ends.

XaPristi's thugs sharpened their teeth and wore gold medallions.

Qixotl once sold XaPristi faulty weapons. When Qixotl visited Drornid in 15367, XaPristi sent his thugs to attack Qixotl at Shockley's Den of Almost Limitless Inquity.

In 15414, some of XaPristi's thugs directed Cousin Sanjira to the Relic.

XaPristi and two of his thugs were among a procession of "Mictlan's finest" that greeted the Eighth Doctor when he visited Mictlan. (PROSE: Alien Bodies)

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