Dominique van Gysegham was a friend to Janine Foster, whom she met in Lanzarote in May 1984. By this time, Mrs van Gysegham was in her eighties and a resident of Miami Beach. (TV: Planet of Fire) She regularly dyed her hair purple. (AUDIO: The Reaping)

Her first husband died in 1977.

She attended Anthony Chambers' funeral in Fell's Point, Baltimore, Maryland on 24 September 1984 and drove the Sixth Doctor to the Fell's Point police station. The Doctor told her that he was a spy and his flamboyant dress was due to the fact that he was undercover as an American. Her first husband, who died in 1977, had owned the White Rabbit pub in London. Her second husband was seriously ill in hospital at the time that she met the Doctor. (AUDIO: The Reaping)

Several months later, Mrs van Gysegham and Janine were accidentally killed by Kathy Chambers. Kathy activated a cyber-conversion unit which had a self-destruct mechanism that activated in the event of tampering. Their deaths led Kathy to move to Brisbane, Australia with her accomplice James Clarke and her quadriplegic brother Nathaniel Chambers. While there, she met the Fifth Doctor in September 2006. (AUDIO: The Reaping, The Gathering)

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