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Dominion was a 2012 extended release which served as a belated continuation of Big Finish Productions' UNIT range. According to Nicholas Briggs on the behind the scenes CD, this story was much about doing another UNIT series featuring the Doctor, unlike the previous series which barely mentioned him. It also saw the return of Tracey Childs as Dr Elizabeth Klein who had last appeared in The Architects of History in 2010 and Beth Chalmers as Raine Creevy who last appeared in Earth Aid.

This story is the debut story for another incarnation of the Master, played by Alex Macqueen who masquerades (and is credited) as "the Other Doctor", a supposed future incarnation, and for the first 3 parts of the story he is the Doctor of the story filling the role that the Doctor would normally fill in a story of this style. The Master has Goth's TARDIS, suggesting this story is set after The Deadly Assassin; however there was, at the time, no further information to allow for precise placement of when in the Master's timeline this incarnation of the Master fit. His later appearances would eventually peg down Macqueen's Master as the first Master in the new regeneration cycle granted to the Master for the Last Great Time War.

At four 60 minute parts, this is the single longest story to feature the Seventh Doctor, having a running time of four hours, double the length of most stories featuring him.

Publisher's summary[]

The universe stands on the brink of a dimensional crisis — and the Doctor and Raine are pulled into the very epicentre of it.

Meanwhile, on Earth, UNIT scientific advisor Dr Elizabeth Klein and an incarnation of the Doctor she's never encountered before are tested to the limit by a series of bizarre, alien invasions.

At the heart of it all is a terrible secret, almost as old as the Time Lords themselves. Reality is beginning to unravel and two Doctors, Klein, Raine and all of UNIT must use all their strength and guile to prevent the whole of creation being torn apart.


Part one[]

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Part two[]

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Part three[]

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Part four[]

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This story was released across 4 CDs each with its own cover. Each cover featured one of the four main characters of this story; the Seventh Doctor, Elizabeth Klein, Raine Creevy and the Master.

The TARDIS the Master uses as depicted on the cover for the first part is that of the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctor's, one of the rare instances where Big Finish was, at that time, allowed to incorporate elements from the post-2005 version of the show. This tied into the fakeout that Macqueen was a future Doctor.


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