The Doloth Star Base. (COMIC: Monster Hunt)

The Doloth Star Base was a space station and the headquarters of the Krulius.

It was almost a thousand light years away from Earth. The Star Base had many different levels. Level one contained the search material of the Krulius. Many different aliens were captured there, so that they could be studied by the Krulius. Level two had a lot of militaristic technology. In level three there was the invasion force of the Krulius with a lot of toxic pathogens that the Krulius planned to release on Earth.

In 2009 the Krulius teleported Sarah Jane Smith, the pilot and himself to the Star Base. He wanted to kill Sarah Jane and the pilot and wanted to destroy the Earth. However, Sarah Jane Smith sent a signal with her sonic lipstick to Mr Smith, who told the Judoon where to find the Krulius. The Judoon took the Krulius and the pilot to their prison ship and brought Sarah Jane Smith back to Earth. (COMIC: Monster Hunt) When the Judoon caught the Krulius all his captured aliens were set free. However the Krulius had managed to take clone cell samples of his former captured aliens with him, which allowed him to grew perfect copies of these aliens. (COMIC: Return of the Krulius)

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