Doll's house

A dolls' house was a miniature version of a house used for play with dolls. Its interior would be stocked with mostly nonfunctional representations of real objects found in homes such as clocks with painted on faces and wooden food. Candles and lanterns might be represented with electric lights. (TV: Night Terrors)

The Doll's House was a perfect miniature representation of a building with a structure that made it a powerful psionic amplifier. With the Quoth housed inside, it gave anyone who owned it immense power. (PROSE: The Death of Art)

In 2011, George had an old dolls' house which was one of the "creepy toys" that was locked in his cupboard with everything else that frightened him. Anyone sucked into the cupboard would end up inside the dolls' house. (TV: Night Terrors)

A doll's house was one of the Celestial Toymaker's possessions. He chose Joey the Clown and Clara the Clown from a Victorian doll's house to use as pawns against Steven Taylor and Dodo Chaplet. (TV: The Celestial Toymaker)

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