Dolerite Base was a secret facility beneath Edinburgh Castle used by LONGBOW and HAVOC. It was named after the rock that surrounded it. (PROSE: Moon Blink)

It contained a staff of fifty, comprised of HAVOC senior staff, communications, scientific research, and security. (PROSE: The Grandfather Infestation)

History Edit

Originally created for use by LONGBOW in the early 1940s, the Dolerite Base was closed down shortly after end of World War II when LONGBOW disbanded. For a couple decades, the base remained unused. (PROSE: Moon Blink)

In 1969, Dolerite Base was chosen to be used as the headquarters of the Home-Army Fifth Operational Corps. (PROSE: Mutually Assured Domination) For two months, the base was refurbished and repurposed. (PROSE: Moon Blink, The Showstoppers) In September, the corps began officially operating from the Dolerite Base. (PROSE: The Grandfather Infestation)

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