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Dokan was the master of Tengobushi who arrived on Earth to retrieve a Kamishi energy cell.

He himself belonged to a higher Kamishi caste rather than to Tengobushi and could change his appearance at will. He followed Kate Stewart and Osgood to Geneva in order to get information about the location of the energy cell. He interrogated Grant Avary and discovered that it was in the Black Archive. (AUDIO: Death in Geneva)

He went to the Tower of London to assess its defensive capabilities to get the cell back. He then went to the underground to loose Josh Carter from following them. He retrieved the cell and told his masters this but he was told that the humans had already replicated it. (AUDIO: The Battle of the Tower)

He went to Antarctica to get the replicated cells. Encountering Osgood and Josh Carter, he helped them to lay chagers to destroy the base. When the Kamishi masters arrived on Earth, they considered his mission complete, ending his existence. (AUDIO: Ice Station Alpha)

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