The Dog and Duck was a London pub.

In 1555, John Wilson was the owner of the Dog and Duck. Evelyn Smythe visited the alehouse, where she met George Crow and William Leaf. (AUDIO: The Marian Conspiracy)

In 1900, the Dog and Duck was located on the Strand. The First Doctor passed by it after leaving Aldridge's place. (PROSE: A Big Hand for the Doctor)

In the 1970s, the Dog and Duck was located near Sarah Jane Smith's attic flat, not far from Hampstead Heath. She could hear patrons singing as they left the pub. (PROSE: The Paradise of Death)

In 2001, the Dog and Duck was located in Oxfordshire. Miles Gorman considered having a quick pint there on the way home from work. (PROSE: Escape Velocity)

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