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Doctors Assemble! was a webcast made specifically for the Doctor Who: Lockdown! event, coinciding with a tweetalong for An Adventure in Space and Time. It was a multi-Doctor story featuring all thirteen of the Doctor's main televised incarnations, as well as the War Doctor.

Though the webcast had a visual element, it consisted only of CGI exterior and interior shots of the Doctor's TARDIS, with pictures appearing on the TARDIS scanner. All of the Doctors appeared via voiceover, though their likenesses were featured in humorous profile pictures in the emergency "group chat" on the scanner. Of the various Doctors, only the First Doctor, Fourth Doctor and Eleventh Doctor were played by actors who had portrayed them before, namely David Bradley, Jon Culshaw and Jacob Dudman respectively, while the other Doctors were voiced by impressionists, some of whom had never contributed to licensed Doctor Who media in the past.

Approximately a year later, Jonathon Carley would go on to play a young War Doctor in The War Doctor Begins audio series.


Trapped in his TARDIS by a mysterious entity intent on conquering Earth, the Fourth Doctor contacts his past and future selves via his TARDIS's telepathic circuits. Can the fourteen bickering Doctors come together across Time and Space to work out a solution before the Fourth Doctor is crushed by the collapsing internal dimensions of his Ship?


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  • The Second Doctor has a picture taken with the Beatles.
  • The Third Doctor taunts the Second Doctor by asking him if he doesn't have "a kazoo he could play with". When the Fourth Doctor points out that he has a yo-yo, the Third Doctor then insults him by claiming that "it looks like somebody knitted the Rings of Saturn and draped them around [his] shoulders".
  • The Fourth Doctor describes himself as being "trapped on his own, [with] no Romana, [and] no K9". He has been warned by Sarah Jane Smith about the approaching alien threat to Earth.
  • The Ninth Doctor compares his other incarnations teaming up to Chuckle Vision, while the Twelfth Doctor likens it to The Krankies.
  • The Ninth Doctor has a poster with the tagline "Mechanus is so bracing!" and depicting Mechonoids on it, and another poster for a Titanic film.
  • The Eleventh Doctor is "glad River isn't here" due to what she would think of the Doctors bickering.
  • Humanity is currently dealing with "a great crisis".
  • Cat pictures submitted by the Sixth Doctor prove essential, as their backgrounds contain encoded location vectors.
  • The First Doctor borrows Barbara Wright's cardigan in an attempt to muffle the noises coming from the food machine, unaware of their significance.
  • The Fourth Doctor fears he will be crushed into a singularity.
  • The Third Doctor attempts to have all the Doctors rendezvous in Geneva at Unit HQ.
  • As the walls close in around him, the Fourth Doctor says he's "starting to feel sorry for marmalade".
  • The War Doctor's profile picture features him, as a young man, in front of largely empty shelves of toilet paper, tagged "NO MORE".
  • The Sixth Doctor goes back in time to install a yellow button on the First Doctor's TARDIS control console, which, when pressed, flushes the pandimensional entity from the TARDIS's telepathic buffers.
  • The Thirteenth Doctor calls the group of her past selves "fam", much to the Sixth Doctor's fury and the Tenth Doctor's approval.
  • Like prior incarnations in multiple-Doctor incidents, the Thirteenth Doctor displays disdain for a past incarnation. Upon hearing the Sixth Doctor's answering message, she refers to him as a "boomer".


Easter eggs[]

  • The Third Doctor describes the Fourth Doctor's telepathic message as his having "reached out through the void beyond the mind", referencing the lyrics of "I Am the Doctor", from the album of the same name, a song which was performed by Jon Pertwee in-character as the Doctor.
  • The Second Doctor says that "some corners of the universe have bred the most terrible things" when he sees his first incarnation, referencing his famous speech from TV: The Moonbase.
  • The Fourth Doctor states that he used his TARDIS tuner to open the telepathic transtemporal communications channel, referencing the comic story Dr Who and the Turgids, which was released in early issues of Doctor Who Weekly.
  • When the Fourth Doctor calls the current crisis the "greatest peril in [Earth's] history", the Fifth Doctor rhetorically asks if it is Tuesday, with the Ninth Doctor and Thirteenth Doctor asking if it could be Saturday or Sunday, referencing the days in the week their episodes aired.
  • The Seventh Doctor gets his other incarnations to stop arguing using the same method he did in TV: Battlefield to stop a battle.
  • The Third Doctor promises to give the War Doctor "a hundred cats" in the same vain as how he tried to persuade his second incarnation to sacrifice his recorder in TV: The Three Doctors, with the Second Doctor also hinting to those events.