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Doctor Whos? was the one-hundred-and-sixty-third instalment of Doctor Who?. Printed in DWM 500 with a cover date of July 2016, it is the final story in the series to date.


The Twelfth Doctor updates his first incarnation on how the universe has changed since 1966. Elsewhere, a Zarbi and a Mechonoid discuss Dalekmania.



  • A DWM 500 party is being held in the Shepherd's Bush café.
  • The café is built where the TV Centre once was. A man stands on the grounds describing that it was "big and sort of round".
  • The First Doctor is confused after being told he is a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. P Cushion asks him to think how he feels.
  • The Twelfth Doctor initally introduces Clara as deceased, but she tells him she is actually alive "thanks to the thingy swirling round the wotsit".
  • The First Doctor introduces Sara as an example of how to play dead, saying she hasn't moved since 1966.
  • After the Twelfth Doctor introduced "the wifey", the First Doctor responds by saying she needs a "jolly good smacked bottom".
  • Neither the Zarbi or the Mechonoid understand Dalekmania, with the latter admitting it still has a ton of Mechonoid soap to get rid of.
  • A girl gets excited after touching a Dalek's sucker.
  • A man resembling the First Doctor sarcastically asks the Monk and an Ice Warrior what kind of Carry On film it is, before ordering them to get back on set.
  • The Twelfth Doctor claims these days he is looked on as a god by the universe, as well as having a nice line in current UK slang. The First Doctor responds by saying this was why he decided to stay in 1966.