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Doctor Whoah! was a comic strip published by Baxter in several issues of Doctor Who Magazine from issue 369 to issue 475, with an additional strip in issue 500.

Each single-panel strip affectionately poked fun at both in-universe and behind the scenes aspects of Doctor Who media, with several strips even blurring the line between them.

In late 2014, Baxter released a hardback compilation of the strips, simply titled Whoah!, which included every published strip at the time of publication, as well as previously-unpublished instalments.

Stories Edit

# Title Doctor Featuring Printed in Cover date
1 Doctor Whoah! None Rose, Harriet Jones DWM 369 24 May 2006
2 Doctor Whoah! 10th Rose, Catkind DWM 370 21 June 2006
3 Doctor Whoah! None Cyber-Controller, Cybermen DWM 372 16 August 2006
4 Doctor Whoah! 10th Rose DWM 373 13 September 2006
5 Doctor Whoah! DWM 375 8 November 2006

Summary Edit

DWM 430 Edit

The Dalek's mind-analysis device begins showing romantized images of Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart in nothing but his pants as the Third Doctor is strapped to it. The Doctor, flustered, insists that the images are simply a fictional image created to distract the Daleks.

DWM 438 Edit

A typo in the script makes the show a hit comedy as Rory and Amy do their best to kiss a fleeing Hitler.

DWM 440 Edit

Rory and Amy present to the Doctor their latest sassy and dangerous friends who are going to help find the baby Melody Pond, Symphony Stream and Harmony Lake.

DWM 472 Edit

The Eighth Doctor's new catchphrase, "I'm a doctor but probably not the one you were expecting!" is put into action in the middle of an operating room. One of the doctors notes "this has to stop."

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