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Doctor Who website games were those games which appeared on the main Doctor Who website. Mainly, if not exclusively, Flash based, they were published to coincide with the release of various stories in the RTD era. They were most heavily published during series 2, where each episode had its own game. However, the BBC occasionally made games available with later episodes.

Most of the games that tied in with series 2 were essentially co-hosted on the Defending the Earth! website. Some games required the player to gather information from Defending the Earth! to use within the games.

New Who website[edit | edit source]

Name[1] Episode Description Link Originally available
The Last Dalek Dalek You can play a Dalek in this game. Play 30 April 2005
Slitheen Surfer Boom Town You have to help Margaret Slitheen to dodge the burning debris of the planet Earth, while she is trying to surf to safety. Play c. 18 December 2005
SuDocWho Series 1 & Classic Series Doctor Who Sudoku game. Play c. 18 December 2005
Attack of the Graske The Christmas Invasion Travel with the Tenth Doctor in the TARDIS. Play 18 January 2006
Help Mickey New Earth Side-scroller in which you move through the Lifeboat Museum, investigating various objects. Extensive voice work by Noel Clarke. Integrated with the Defending the Earth! website. Latterly known as Security Bot. Play 1 April 2006
Satellites Tooth and Claw Educational astronomical game, somehow integrated with the Defending the Earth! and Torchwood websites. Play 22 April 2006
Defeat Deffry School Reunion Logic puzzles, emulating the computer room sequences in the episode itself. Includes extensive original voice work by Anthony Head. Play 29 April 2006
Clockwork The Girl in the Fireplace Go to different time periods and freeze Clockwork Droids so that you can retrieve important crystals. Contains an interesting use of imagery from the classic series, including old-school Autons and Osiran service robots. Latterly known as Clockwork Quest. Play 6 May 2006
Cybus Spy Rise of the Cybermen Play 13 May 2006
Save Paris The Age of Steel Side scroller in which you recreate Mickey Smith's role in the episode. Take an airship to the Cybus Industries cyber-conversion factory and transmit the deactivation code. Play 20 May 2006
The Wire The Idiot's Lantern Use an old radio to scan for messages from the Wire and assemble them so that the message can be permanently deleted from the internet Play 27 May 2006
Flight Simulator The Impossible Planet Pilot your ship through a narrow gravity tunnel that will allow you to escape "the impossible planet". Play 3 June 2006
Ood Escape The Satan Pit Get as many of your people off Sanctuary Base 6 as possible — without being detected by the Ood. Play 10 June 2006
Defend This Love & Monsters Trivia game based on the first two series of BBC Wales Doctor Who Play 17 June 2006
Art Attack Fear Her Maze game in which you play the "scribble Tenth Doctor" who's trying rescue a "scribble cat" while avoiding the scribble creature Play 24 June 2006
Ghostwatch Army of Ghosts Help film a segment for Ghostwatch Play 1 July 2006
Daleks v Cybermen Doomsday Strategy side-scroller in which you send your squads of Cybermen out to defeat the Daleks, Torchwood Institute, and the Preachers. Play 8 July 2006
Cyber Assault The Age of Steel Help the Preachers in their war against the Cyber-Leader and his Cybermen. Play July 2006
K9: Deja Who School Reunion Help K9 against alien threads. Play c. 2 August 2006
Secret Santa The Runaway Bride You have to find out who is hiding behind Santa Claus's mask. Play 2 December 2006
Santa Shooter Shoot the Robot Santas and Donna Noble. Play 14 December 2006
Monster Match Build a sequence of three or more monsters to make them disappear. Play 16 December 2006
Sonic De-Cloaker The Lazarus Experiment Find the Daleks, Cybermen, Judoon, Ood and the Beast but avoid the black holes. Play 5 May 2007
Eye of the TARDIS Last of the Time Lords Doctor Who jump and run game. Play 30 June 2007
Doctor In A Dash Gridlock The Tenth Doctor must travel in the TARDIS and race in time and space to recover an unstable space-time manipulator before the Daleks, Judoon or Slitheen recover it. Play 7 December 2007
Into the Vortex Voyage of the Damned Fly the TARDIS. Play 12 December 2007
Dalek Break-out Help a Dalek escape by blowing up its output and avoid it exploding himself. Play 17 December 2007
Black Hole The Next Doctor The TARDIS must escape the black hole by bouncing on asteroids and comets that are in its path and avoiding space debris. Play 5 December 2008
Cosmic Collider Destroy various blocks to obtain images of the episode The Next Doctor. Play 8 December 2008
Cyber Quiz Quiz about the Cybermen. 12 December 2008
Jobsworth Judoon The Doctor must return to his TARDIS which the Judoons have locked due to illegal parking. 19 December 2008
Double Decker Desert Wrecker Planet of the Dead Destroy various blocks to obtain images of the episode Planet of the Dead. 8 April 2009
The Waters of Mars The Waters of Mars You must manipulate the disconnected pipes on Bowie Base One to ensure the water flows through them and safely through the base. Play 15 November 2009
Amy's History Hunt The War of Art Help Amy Pond to find the Eleventh Doctor's favourite painting. Play 3 August 2010
The Doctor and the Dalek Series 8 Help Rusty and the Twelfth Doctor to defeat the Daleks. Play 22 October 2014
The Doctor Who Game Maker Series 9 Create your own Doctor Who video game. Play 15 September 2015

Classic Doctor Who website[edit | edit source]

Name Description Link Originally available
Alien Fact Files Top Trumps game with Doctor Who monsters. November 1998
Escape from the Master, also known as The Expert Quiz Database
The Matrix Quiz c. January 2000
Cult TV Quizmaster
First Doctor Quiz c. June 2001
Second Doctor Quiz
Third Doctor Quiz
Fourth Doctor Quiz
Fifth Doctor Quiz
Sixth Doctor Quiz
Seventh Doctor Quiz
Timelord Triva Quiz
Who Trumps Top Trumps game with Doctor Who characters. Play 8 November 2002
TARDIS Tennis The Doctor travels with John Lennon, William Shakespeare, Queen Victoria and Winston Churchill in the TARDIS to a tennis place where they play Tennis against each other. Play 21 June 2003
Christopher Eccleston Quiz c. August 2004

Doctor Who Monster Invasion Website[edit | edit source]

Name Episode Description Link
Ultimate Match-up Memory game Play
Dalek Supremacy The Daleks have to exterminate their enemies, the Silurians, the Sontarans and the Cybermen. Play
The Keys of Time A Graske has stolen a key to the TARDIS. He's had it copied and scattered the copied keys around the universe. The Eleventh Doctor's mission is it to track down all keys before his enemies use them to steal the TARDIS. Play
Maze of the Dead The Time of Angels The Eleventh Doctor has reached the Maze of the Dead. He must arrive at the Byzantium space ship before the Weeping Angels attack. Play
Escape the Silence

The Eleventh Doctor has to help several humans escaping from the Silence by beaming the humans and Oods up to the TARDIS.

Vortex Run Amy Pond and the Eleventh Doctor are on a spaceship on Kaydon 36 when the Time Vortex rips through space. The Eleventh Doctor reaches the TARDIS in time, but Amy is left on the ship and has to run for her life. The Doctor needs to teleport Amy safely back into the TARDIS. Play

Other websites[edit | edit source]

Name Episode Description Link
Whodle The Day of the Doctor Play all 12 Doctors in a Google doodle game and fight the Daleks, the Weeping Angels and the Cybermen. Doctor Who 50th anniversary special. Play

  1. The names given here are those on the website. Some games have different names on a title card, or at the Defending the Earth! website, where they are also linked.
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