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Doctor Who quiz books were published at several points in the run of Doctor Who on television. Target Books and Magnet Books published some in the early 1980s, and BBC Children's Books issued a few since the series' relaunch in 2005.

Target Books[edit | edit source]

In the early 1980s Target Books released a series of Quiz and Puzzle books aimed at the Christmas market posing questions on all "Classic" Who stories.

Magnet Books[edit | edit source]

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Each chapter tells an original short story featuring the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan Jovanka (with Vislor Turlough replacing Nyssa in Doctor Who Quiz Book of Space), setting up a short quiz related to the topic at hand.

For the Puzzle Book, the Sixth Doctor was joined by Peri and K9.

BBC Children's Books[edit | edit source]

The BBC Children's Books titles featured black and white line illustrations throughout and a colour middle section as well as simply text, and concentrated on questions based on each of the new series.

BBC Books[edit | edit source]

BBC Books published a quiz book in 2014.

Unauthorised quiz books[edit | edit source]

A number of unauthorised and unofficial quiz books have been released.

Promotional releases[edit | edit source]

1994[edit | edit source]

Other[edit | edit source]

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