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Doctor Who is Invading The World! was the sixth episode of Season 1 of The Fan Show, released on the Doctor Who YouTube Channel.

It featured no standalone Doctor Who skit as other episodes did, but humor was brought in by the parodical visualisation of a trailer for Series 8 of Doctor Who if it were a Disney Channel soap-opera called "The Princess and the Doctor". Although entirely using clips of Series 8 as it exists, the hypothetical show appears to have a rather different plot, as the Doctor is explicitly a wizard, Missy is instead called "the Wicked Witch of Gallifrey", and Clara is "Princess Clara" and only depicted wearing her red medieval dress from Robot of Sherwood.

Main subject[]

Doctor Who is "invading the world" as a Mumbai Comic-Con sees a gathering of Indian Doctor Who fans!

Other topics covered[]

  • The Fan Show's request for viewers to submit Doctor Who title sequences in Minecraft style, in preparation for a very special future episode of The Fan Show.
  • The Cosplayer of the Week: a flesh-and-blood dog dressed up as K9 for a convention.

People interviewed[]